Product Spotlight: Journals

The large shirt.woot branding on the back of The Watcher journal ruins the effect.

I was enthusiastically about to add to cart until I saw the back cover branding. Now I have to give it more thought. I really don’t like it, despite otherwise loving the design and art of The Watcher journal.

Edit: Wifey wanted another item tonight, so I picked up the The Watcher journal anyway.

Still don’t like the large branding on the back.

Ask and ye shall recieve! Thanks for granting my wish woot <3 Now for the hard part… choosing which design I like the most x.x

The Watcher of course :slight_smile:

XD It’s definitely one of the three I’m considering. I might get more than one. I want the lines since I’m a writer, but I want the larger book to work in as well. Might get back into sketching with a larger book and get a lines specifically for notes on a story I’m working on. Which, appropriately enough, takes place on another planet >.>

Edit: Actually, I think I’ll get the Watcher for story notes, Cool Story Poe for the notes for the writing panels, and one other for general notes. I’ll sleep on it :3

Edit2: Just read up a bit on Denik. Suddenly buying three journals doesn’t seem like such a bad thing afterall. Yay learnin’ and stuff!

I love these journals. And you’ve put Le Corbeau Noir on a journal! I was waiting for a poster but I think I’m just gonna have to get the journal now and keep hoping for poster.

Getting one of the Reading Rambo design. The other designs don’t have graph paper left in stock. :frowning: Next time I hope to find out sooner and not miss out. Also, graph paper in large instead of small would be the best.

Just a note: I think the photos of the journals, each at an angle rather than head-on, are not really helpful here. It may make for a nicely designed page on, but I think it doesn’t really give a good idea of what the journal actually looks like. For example, I wondered why The Watcher was called that, until I finally saw that the dark thing way off to the right was a human figure. I gave a Woot journal to a niece last year & was pleased by the feel of the thing, & the high grade of paper. But if all I knew about the journals came from these photos, I don’t think I’d bite.

Is there a reason why these are only 75 page journals and not the Denik usual of 200 pages? I think it might be better to buy directly from their site …

I can’t be sure since I’ve never ordered directly from Denik, but I think Denik is counting both sides of the pages and if so then your comparison isn’t valid. Woot’s journals are 150 if you count both sides. Or Denik’s may be 100 if you count each physical page. So 75 to 100 or 150 to 200. I’m not too concerned about the difference. I like the sizing of my 75 page Woot journals.

Thanks for answering! I liked the design so I ordered them anyway for gifts…

Please please please please please please please next time have large lined. The main reason I hesitated so long in buying (beyond budget recovery) is because as I was going to check-out, I had to remind myself that I don’t tend to use small journals much at all since they tend to be kind of hard to write in. If I wanted small, I could drop fifty cents on a composition journal from Wally-world >.<

I still love the designs though, so I’m going to buy one this time around and see how much I make use of it.

I’m unfamiliar with this style of journal… am I correct in presuming that the pages are permanently bound and are not perforated or otherwise designed to be removed… and that if one does try to remove a page it’s likely to rip?

You are indeed correct in assuming that!

A relief for me. I need to keep my notes together, and a perforated journal tends to have papers hanging halfway out by the time I get done with it >.< Guess I’m not very gentle with mine.

Any chance we can get more of the small-graph in for the designs? Or make the sale consistent with what is on the main page? I’m assuming these are print-to-order, so we should be able to get more.

Sorry but we can’t get more of the guts this time around. Keep checking back for future sales.

I would love to review this, but, sadly, I haven’t received either journal yet. I have emailed customer support on the 14th and still nothing back. I just sent another one and haven’t even gotten a “Thanks! We go your email” auto-reply. Anyone else having problems getting their orders?

Mine was thrown under the same tracking number as another item. I got the other item, but no journal. I mentioned it in a thread though, and the forum staff seems pretty confident that it should show up soon.

They haven’t led me wrong yet, so I’m fine with giving it another week, personally. We’ll see what happens.

Hey, while requests are being made (or had been made), I’d like to throw in my lot for large lined notebooks. The size was the main reason I kept my order conservative.

I know you guys only get so much, but if it’s ever an option, know that chances are your woot writers will jump all over that shiz.