Product Spotlight: Journals

Are these drawing journals or writing journals?
I don’t see anything about line count or width, but I also don’t see anything about paper weight.

They finally have all the options: blank, lined, and graphed! Not to mention two sizes. For the first time, I’m actually interested in actually buying one =D

D’oh! I guess I should read the dropdown menus before asking questions!

NOTE: These ship by 10/20

I’ll bet this question is answered somehow, but danged if I didn’t see it. How is it (the journal)personalized? I’m thinking of strongly suggesting to my kiddos that they buy me one for my birthday. The one with the hound on the cover. Thanks.

P.S. Never mind… it says “made to order”. Ok… so what’s with the price difference? “$12-$15”… difference between the 2 prices, is what?

Check the drop downs.
Small, large, blank, lines graphed. all options have different pricing.

i want a kitchen warfare journal. make it happen. this i command…
i will buy. i will buy many. with money…

are the lined ones college ruled or wide ruled??

Yay, journals! Can hardcover be a future option?? Pretty please?

please? there are many chef friends of mine that would love a kitchen warfare ruled journal. we need that option.

As much as I love the With Strange Aeons journal, I would love it enough to buy one if it were a pullover hoodie instead.

I ordered this journal 2.5 weeks ago and haven’t received it yet so I guess they are taking orders and payment for them, but not actually delivering. Which is weird, b/c I order from Woot all the time. Can’t get an answer from customer service other than “sometimes we don’t ship everything at the same time.” That’s cool, but why only give one shipping number that says everything was delivered? Anyway, I’m sure it would have been a nice journal.

Well actually i was in the same dilemma, but thanks to support service they let me know that on the sales page at the bottom it has a shipping notice that they wont be shipped until 10/20. so while that seems rather long i cant say that they didn’t give notice of it.

Okay - that’s fair. It is not the explanation I got from customer service when I asked them. And when I asked a second time, I was completely ignored. But thank you! At least I know I will probably get it eventually!