Product Spotlight: Journals

JennyRex, what a cute style you have!

I have always said, I would pay about $5 bucks for these journals, and they are getting closer, cause that is all they are worth. One time I paid $13.00 for one, felt so ripped off that… Well anyway I have never bought one again.

From the wootbot email, “It’s not delivery, it’s de journals!”

I have no interest in buying a journal, but I have to give kudos to whomever came up with that one. Well done.

So where’s the pix of the interior pages? Are the sheets lined, quad lined, blank? Dejournal schmernal.

Please, please, please provide a future option for spiral binding. If so these would be near perfect.

I would also like to know what the inside of the journals look like. Lined or not?

You can choose lined or blank when you purchase. Quad isn’t an option, sadly.

Can anybody comment on the quality of paper?

Fountain pen user, here… Appreciate any input on how susceptible the paper is to bleed and feathering, texture, etc.

Sure, the art’s pretty, but how’s the paper?

I’m still hoping one of these will have the scurvy orange cover… but I went ahead and ordered the Portal one.

Agreed. Spiral is so much more convenient.

Hey Woot, you missed this opportunity…

Denik is our supplier and we’re not really looking into any others for just spiral journals- BUT you can surely harass them for the type of journals you want to see!

Love the journals! But yeah, I’d love to see these quad/graph lined. Oh, and I’d probably have bought about a dozen of the At-At design!

Nothin special about the paper and it’s not very thick.

Woot, I think the journal craze is starting to wear thin, or you’re picking the wrong covers o.o None of them are sold out yet.

Past threads have folks commenting who use fountain pens that the paper works well for it. According to them, they’ve had no problems with bleed-through :3

I prefer old-school pencils myself… so I think this will work fine.

I will say it again, for the qaulity that these journals are, they are over priced. Period.

I’d buy one of the rawr journals for 8 bucks, but not going to spend 13 on it and I have no interest in anything else on sale :\

I would love to see a D&D/table top/fantasy themed journal side sale. I would definitely jump on one (or two) for my game notes.