Product Spotlight: Journals

Woot! Yay! Journals!!!

Yaaay! Thanks woot! :smiley:

Awesome! Thanks for making these available… you knew all along they’d have their own sale and were just teasing us, but that’s OK.

Now I need to get started on my gift buying list for 2014.

The thought of writing an actual journal on unlined paper…eek. I tend to sway my words and I’d rather have it look straight (lined).

I understand that some artists/people may want to do sketches, etc., which unlined is great for.

I was just wondering if woot had any plans for a lined version in the future.

Last time Woot offered journals several people (me included) brought this up and heard that there were lined samples floating around. I’d like to know if that’s still in the planning because these journals are sooooo nice otherwise! But I have no use for unlined journals.

Yeah, we got in samples from the supplier, but I think the paper quality was a little lower and we’re not sure if we can support two different kinds YET, so we’re sticking to plain. If I hear word of that changing I am sure I will let some intel slip.

I’m with the people asking for lines. Give me lines and I will be buying so many for gifts. Thanks woot for keeping us in your thoughts

Woot, you are still missing the boat on selling some of the more literary designs as journals! The Shakespeare shirt with “light through yonder [stained glass] window breaks” as a prime example.

Yay! I’ve been waiting for journals ever since “The Sword from the Inkwell” I ordered was swiped from my mailbox. :frowning: None of these are grabbing me though.

Love these things! Had to get Upsetting the Balance. It’s too cute for me to pull off on a tee, but on a journal, I can totally rock it. I too wanted lined journals, but I got a couple of these anyway and when they arrived, I started to draw!

How about the one that says “READ” across the chest and when you look closely you see the letters are made up of really small literary-related pictures…
I am sorry I do not know the name of the shirt but I’m sure it is familiar to some people out there who are interested in writing and therefore might especially like reading-related journal prints.

*Also, I am firmly in with the group of people who would love lined pages. My handwriting is so bad that even pages with ruled lines work as no more than “general guidelines”. Though I sympathize with the sketchers, a blank journal would be a disaster for me.

Look at that! Woot is producing new artists. I bought a couple journals last time around, but I’ve yet to find any artistic ability. But who knows…

Thanks for the update on this! Chalk me up as another user waiting on lined journals.

To those who have purchased in the past :

  1. How is the paper quality. What would you compare it to ?

  2. How well bonded is it ? Is the cover on there w/ some cheap glue or is it there to stay ?


I purchased two last time. Lines make no difference to me. I was pleased overall, but wish the cover had been a little heavier cardboard. Glue seems to be secure enough. I don’t know how to rate the paper quality, but I would say it feels as thick as regular printer paper, maybe a little thicker.

I have one and the cover is really durable though it is thin and flexible. It’s kind of velvety too, I like it. It’s been carried around a lot and it’s still in great shape. They’re high-quality in my opinion.

Calling me an artist is a big stretch. Let’s just say I’m a “draw-er.”

Anyone get their order yet?

Per tracking, the carrier tried on Saturday but ‘could not find a secure location’, which I suspect is code for ‘too lazy to get out of the vehicle and walk to my porch’. When I called to post office, they said it was there and I could come pick it up but at 4:45 this afternoon, it was no where to be found.

Edit: So, review of today’s mail, and there is a package. It contains one of the three that I ordered…but only one tracking number, and it showed all three. Damn.

Sigh. I ordered against my better judgement, and am kicking myself as a result.