Product Spotlight: Phone Cases

What happened to all the comments and sales stats?

New sale launched. The initial one has some tweaks that needed to be worked out on our side of things. Sorry for the confusion!

still sad no s6 cases.
I know it’s a newer phone that not tons of people have but it would have been cool.
Neat idea.

So are these non-slip? Sorry, I don’t know what the propertys are of a “proprietary polyester finish.”

Our cases are made out of a ultra durable Polycarbonate plastic and coated with a proprietary polyester finish.
All controls and ports are easily accessed”

My question disappeared - I have an iPhone 5c - will the iPhone 5 case fit it? I really want to buy several of these cases

Most likely not. The iPhone 5c has different dimensions. Here’s a comparison chart.

They are a hard plastic so probably not non-slip.

I guess I’ll just have to hang on to it in the event I get one of those phones. Or just show it off. Give it to a friend? Hmmm…

If they were available for the G3, I would buy 3 or 4, but alas, no such luck.

Thanks. Unfortunately, that’s a deal breaker for my son. Many of these designs are on his favorite shirts. I’ll have to look elsewhere for gifts for him. :frowning:

Boo. No Nexus 6 skins.

They come in Galaxy S5! How did I not know that?!

Also, I like how you guys adjust the design to fit the different cameras, rather then just sticking a hole in the middle of the design and calling it good.

How does the front of the case, like a lip, compare to front of the phone? I Understand protecting the screen is more about screen protectors, but cases that seem to be more about protecting the back seem silly.

Also, I’d like to protest the lack of Unstealthiest Ninja anywhere in this lineup. :stuck_out_tongue:

I want The Time is Meow for the Fire Phone!

ETA - And Escher Cats, and a couple for gifts, and… Just make cases for the Fire Phone too, please!

Can I make a request for the “Reach for the Stars” T-Rex design as a case? It’s my new favorite design. Not that there aren’t several others that I own represented here. But then, I do have good taste.

I found probably 6 different designs that I was thinking of getting for the BF and I. Then my dreams were crushed because they won’t fit our Galaxy S6 Edges

You…you have cases for the Note 4?

I might cry. I may actually cry, because there’s never a case for my phone.

Hi Woot,

Can you confirm if the iPhone 6+ case is protected all around? In other words, are all 4 sides protected, or is it just the vertical/left&right sides covered? For example, the Apple iphone silicone case protects all 4 sides. Thanks for any help!

It would be better if you covered even more phone models…of course