Product Spotlight: Phone Cases

i would buy one if we had a Star wars.

But no case for my Note 4 Edge. I might cry…

If it helps on the other discussion board for these I asked about the cases covering both the front and back of a Note 4. In other words are they the cases that only cover the back or do they come in 2 pieces that snaps together better protecting the screen.

These cases are just a plastic backing that snap on :frowning: Technically they cover all 4 sides and back, but what you want is a case that will protect all side 4 sides plus back and front.

They are better than nothing, but my expensive phone needs more to protect it. Make these in a better design and there are at least 5 that I want so badly.

If the iPhone 4S and Nexus5 were supported, I would absolutely be in for two. But they’re not, so I’m not.

<-- Sad Panda.

just got my phone case today and the printer didn’t allow enough time to let the ink dry. the design on my case has ink bleed on it. complete crap.

I’ve emailed customer service.

Can you confirm the case you bought. I want to follow up.

You guys took care of it immediately. Sorry it took me so long to respond to this post.

I really appreciated the quick response. kudos to that.