Product Spotlight: Tank Tops

YAY for tank tops!

I think they finally heard me.

Thank you for your begging. Now I have a choice to make.

I wanted to say something hours ago, buuuuuuut… :slight_smile:

Kind of surprised you didn’t, just to shut me up. :slight_smile:

Yay!! But now I have to choose!! I don’t want to choose!


There are three I really like, but I don’t have $45, to spend on shirts.
OK, I think I will do Con-Solo and Visit Outside. The other I like is Zombies Chase Me.

If Woot started doing this with more designs, I would have a bunch of tanks. There are a lot of shirts I want, but unless they are on a hoodie or tank top, I will pass (unless of course, they decide to put them on AA).

I don’t have any desire to buy the Jersey Zip-up hoodies, but maybe a long sleeve t-shirt would make the cut.

I’m kind of banned from the hoodies for a few years. (I have a small closet for them now.) So, it’s tank tops or aa, but I don’t have a good track record with these tank tops either, the shoulder seam unraveled on the last one. :pout:

At $15 a shot, I can* only really consider one.

I’m pretty sure I have enough hoodies, also. I love my hoodies, though.
On that note, when I was cleaning out my storage, I found more.

And as for buying these, I’m waiting until Friday. Maybe I will change my mind, before then, saving some money or spending more.

I thought about it, but I thought it might be more fun for you to beg and beg and beg and beg, since I knew they were going to be up on the site soon.


I just felt like being a pain, anyway. :wink:

Ha! I’ll have to tell my mom someone other than her called me a brat.

Has anyone bought the cotton poly blend tanks? If so, are the arm holes as big as the ones on the unisex tanks?
I love me some tank tops, but even the small unisex shows too much side bra for me.

Little disappointed about the sizing options or lack of.

I’m a big guy, and while I’m not looking to rock these out on the town wearing around the house, at the gym or for sleepwear would be great.

I’m sure I’m a minority, but in the grand scheme of things these are printed to order right? Why not offer 2xl and 3xl even if there was a minor price bump for the larger sizes.

THIS. I purchased Unstealthiest Ninja 3 as a tank when they offered it before, and tried to swing the XL for my 2X frame as I have sometimes been able to do with other tanks, but no frickin’ way will these work for me.

Coming from someone who has purchased over 75 different shirts/hoodies etc. from you over the years (do the sales math on that if it helps), I’m guessing it might make some of us bigger people happy to have the option to buy tank tops in plus sizes. please, Please, PLEASE???


The unisex tanks - yes, the 50/50 bb408 have the same cut as the 100% cotton 2408. Sizing is a little different, though.

The AA 2408 and bb408 are not manufactured in the larger sizes.

Boo. Thank you for answering my question.

Come on, how bad can it be?


Yessssssss. Two of Troubled Waters for me! A wear and a spare, on their way. SO MUCH LOVE IS RADIATING FROM MY SOUL FOR THEE RIGHT NOW, WOOT.

(Psst, btw, next time you do a triblend, pretty please make it Connoisseurus Rex for me?)