Product Spotlight: Tank Tops

I really really really wish Woot had the option for Men’s/Lady’s tanks. I really want The Time is Meow on a tank, but as a 6’4" big guy, I don’t think that it’ll fit me, or look good on me (no matter how buff and sexy I get).

Me too! That’s the only one I want. That or the “Hell Yeah!” one, which is, you guessed it, ladies only!

See, I wish they had the Meow one as a women’s tank. I think it’s so cool

Yeah I want the cat with sunglasses one as well, but I’m 6’1, 210 so…probably not going to fit very well.

Adding my voice to the pack. (6’ 240lbs)

I agree with everyone here. However the fact that they finally added a female tank, makes me very happy! We will see if the large fits, as there are no XL.

From experience, with being “between sizes”, I think you might be ok with the L. I wear a L in AA ladies tshirts, but in the ladies tanks a medium is good. They’re a little more loose fitting, but maybe it’s cause I’m not overly endowed in the chestal area… :slight_smile: Fingers crossed for you!

I really hope to see Tank Tops come back! They were great and I need more

They’re coming! Keep checking back. :slight_smile: