Product Spotlight: Tank Tops

Ice Scream on a tank just seems so…cool ; )


(awwww, yeaaaaah!)

wow… six.

Why the hell is the Narwhal not available in larger sizes? You think guys (and larger women) don’t love Narwhals? Are you crazy?

So…is the triblend tank basically a lady’s tank, or will we never have those again?

I really wish all the woot! designs were available with a tank top option.

C’mon, Woot! You can do better than that! I need more (better) designs to choose from! I would buy a women’s style tank top (not a unisex tank top). In fact, I would buy a lot if they were good because summer, duh. Try this again with better styles and more options!!!

I would love a tri-blend unisex tank as well. Make it happen woot!

Yes, it is an AA women’s tank. I posted some pictures and thoughts on the fit of both tanks here:

The tri-blend tanks are women’s.

I have a fierce desire for tank tops in a bigger size.

But tshirts, cut off the sleeves, sing Skynyrd songs?

i REALLY wish the rebels tank was in a woman cut, i am very sad that i don’t have a star wars shirt yet =[
or if you want to bring back darth meow, i’d love you even more, Woot

Dear shirtwoot, I like that you offer tank tops now and am really eager to get a woot tank top for myself but I feel you are only offering designs that I don’t like in this format.

Please offer some of the cooler designs in tanktop format! Panda’s are always great.


Really like bringing in tank tops for summer but I wish we had more designs and options. Hopefully we see some more tank tops available soon

Hey, what’s the status on these tanks this year? I want the Ice Scream design. The t-shirt is in print and available but I don’t want the t-shirt – I want the tank top version of it (unisex, since I’m a guy). Will these come back into print any time?

Check out our side sales. There are a couple few currently available. But, I’m sure we’ll offer more tanks. Summer IS coming, after all!