Product Spotlight: Totes

Request: Makin’ Biscuits tote!

I don’t know if this is a common thing, but I didn’t like my black tote nearly as much as my red tote. The black totes seem much more stiff and hard. The red one I have feels much nicer.

Too bad almost all of these are black :frowning: And I got all excited seeing a Tote spotlight. Dang.

I’d probably be in for 3-4 of the designs if these were zip totes.

How thick is 10oz cotton canvas? I have a couple grocery bags that are canvas and very durable. One of them is a “-1” grocery bag from Whole Foods that was something they used to sell a number of years ago. All the grocery bags I see their now are crap thin.

can we get more Totes McGoats totes?!?! :frowning: Would love to buy one.

They’re up on the woot off now.

AUGH! Missed the Totes McGoats on the Woot Off! But seriously Woot!, how could you put this Plus sale up, and not include that one?

There’s some other Totes in the new side sale,, including Totes McGoats.

I have one of the “normal” colored ones, and it seems pretty thick and durable. Might be on the slightly smaller side for use as a grocery bag though perfect for knitting projects!

So, if totes are 10.5" wide, I take it a manila folder will not fit in this tote right-side up (so the contents don’t spill out)? Am I the only one who likes to carry file folders back and forth? I wish the tote was in Landscape mode…

What about an Mr. M Tote?!?