Product Spotlight: Totes

My natural totes got smaller in the wash/dry. My black tote appears to still be as large as it was when it went into the wash/dry. The black one remained unwrinkled. The natural one wrinkled up like crazy. I suggest going for the black ones, or plan to never wash the natural ones.

Wash totes? looks at totes Are totes supposed to retain their shape on their own?

I took my totes to the beach and they got “beachy” and had to be washed. I haven’t tried to use the wrinkled up natural tote again after shrinking it. It doesn’t look very nice as it is now. I’ll post photos later tonight when I’m home.

Edit: Here’s pics:
Woodsy on the left has been washed and dried once. Essential Element in the middle has never been used nor washed, still new. I love science on the right has been washed and dried once, as part of the same load as Woodsy.

Here they are stacked one on top of the other, most shrunken on top, unshrunk on the bottom.

The camera flash messed up coloring in this photo, sorry.

Very Interesting. I was mostly joking as every Saturday on my way to the farmers market I think “I really should wash this thing”. Then promptly forget when I get home.

Perhaps if I hand washed it and lined dried it? It’s a blue tote. I wonder how that compares to the white and black ones.