Product Spotlight: V-Necks

more v necks plz


Haha, I see what you did there.

Are the v-necks light weight or standard weight? Thanks!

Would love to buy V-necks. All the V-necks! Just not any of these.

I would be all over this if they came in women’s sizes. I prefer v-necks, but the unisex small size just looks all sloppy on me.

Does anyone have a selfie in one of these shirts? I would like to see on a model what the vee looks like.

I own four Woot v-necks. They are about the same weight as the regular tees. I like the larger neck hole, and I find them quite flattering considering the fact that I am a female that wears a large. I loved that first sale of them. I think it was spring of 2012, but I haven’t really liked the designs since. My favorite is Gardening At Night.

I’m pretty sure Woot prints on American Apparel V-necks. They should fit the same as the blanks woot used to print on. Here’s the product page with pictures.

Lots more v-necks please!!!

I think every design should also be available in a v-neck for women. I hate round necks and would buy a lot more designs if there was a v-neck option!

So might not help unless you are a guy but I have four of these and this is an example of a large on me:

I wear medium or large in woot shirts normally and the v-necks are no exception (I have one medium and three larges).

Oh and I agree with the above comments about the shirts. Same weight as the crew neck shirts. Sizing is pretty consistent as well with the only real difference being the cut of the neck.

I think they need to have more sales on V-neck shirts and anybody else that thinks so needs to speak up to let them know!

MORE Vs please!!

I agree!!! I posted for more Vs

YES, I would buy SO MANY MORE SHIRTS if they were available in Vs!!

Want 'em all to be V necks!

Please, more v-necks please!!!