Proemio Argentinian Malbec (3)

Proemio Argentinian Malbec 3-Pack
$52.99 $94.00 44% off List Price
2011 Proemio Malbec, Mendoza, Argentina
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Hm. I love a Malbec, and the fact that I could combine shipping with the Twisted Oak Tempranillo is super tempting.

Anyone know anything about these? I’m figuring nice, straightforward reds to open with steaks or burgers or the like, yes? Nice go-to bottles.

Hm. I’m doing a dreadful job of talking myself out of this.

Any Malbec aficionados care to comment on how this compares to the Urraca Malbec’s of past Woots?

2007 Urraca Langley Familia Reserva
2005 Urraca Primera Reserva Malbec/Merlot Blend

…although not that it entirely matters to me now

since they don’t ship to Ohio. :frowning:

I’m not a frequent wine wooter, but I am familiar with this wine. Unless someone can provide more information about it, Woot did not get a good deal on this unfortunately; the wine retails for $10-$15 on the east coast (which is typically more expensive than the west coast).

And it’s pronounced like it’s spelled, pro-emio.

Same year? I’ve seen earlier years for less, but not sure about this one.

I would downplay the influence of vintage for wines in this category/price range. It’s unlikely that it would create a spike in the price of that significance

I happen to have a bottle of this wine and am heading to a wine party tonight. I’ll bring it with me and get everyone to give their input and I’ll post it here. It’ll probably be between 6-7pm EST if you want to check back…


click on the little “sound” button and pronounce to your heart’s content.

On my iPhone, so excuse the brevity.

PnP, nose is tight. Swirling…

Getting more on the nose, but still tight to us.

Taste of plum and cherries, tannins are a medium, very much like other Malbecs I have had.

It’s a smooth wine and pretty well balanced, though, so I know it will get better…will hide this bottle for a while so we can try it again later. One negative is that it is just a tad stringent.

Will post more later! Let me know if you have questions.

The nose has black licorice, is peppery and earthy. The flavor is opening big time now. Lots more fruit and some tobacco now. This wine will probably age pretty well and is enjoyable. Should be an 87 or 88 I think.

Back to the party. :slight_smile:

Thanks for the feedback!