Professional Gel Nail Color System

This is also listed on Groupon right now for $52.00 + $5.95 shipping

If you put your hand in one of these you may find the following useful:
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Does not appear to include the UV nail dryer pictured and the polishes are worthless without the UV dryer. Seems very misleading to me.

The first thing listed in the Features is “Includes 4 gel nail colors, top coat, base coat, nail dryer, nail file, cuticle clipper, styling brush, clean-up brush, and gel remover”. Sorry for the confusion.

Its on groupon for 49.99 + 5.95 shipping right now. Better deal over there

Perhaps this is a silly question…is gel nail color the same as shellac?

What is the wattage of the UV light?

We didn’t get a sample and there’s no information on the n’changed site either.

I just got back from a salon getting a “shellac” manicure ($35 plus $6 tip = $41 for one session, which will need to be redone every 2 weeks). This deal seems like a bargain even though not one color in any of those sets offered is even remotely wearable. They are HIDEOUS colors! But still I think the price is worth it if I can do every other manicure at home. The key to that of course would be if I am able to remove the old gel/shellac at home, which I have yet do successfully without really effin’ up my nails.

Here is an article I found on the difference between shellac vs gel - the article says that shellac is much easier to get off.