Professional Teeth Whitening System

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What makes this “professional”? Do I need a dental degree to use it?

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First, anything that’s marked down 90% is probably not good enough to go in my major orifice, sorry.

Second, there are people buying this in W. Virginia so I’m guessing they passed a budget bill and finally got some teeth or there is a hacker way of turning this into meth.

I’m wary of gel teeth whitening systems… I got ACTUAL professional stuff (prescription-style from the dentist office) and it ate away at my enamel a bit and now my teeth are hypersensitive to sugar and cold. blargh. so, there’s that risk.

I despise using the teeth strips (they never actually cover all of your teeth, and are awkward to use). I imagine the mouth guard types are way more comfortable.

Can a dentist apply a new protective layer of some kind for you? We had that done to my kids’ teeth (about 20 years ago) … supposed to help ward off cavities.

And this one mentions it includes a step that reduces that … {shrug}.

This works, though IMO the amount of Hydrogen Peroxide is too high for home use, maybe the name “professional”. Carbamide Peroxide equals 1/3 of Hydrogen Peroxide, so we are looking at 10%. To avoid sensitivity, a few things are very effective prior bleaching: brushing/ flossing, and apply Vitamin E or Petroleum Jelly on the gums with a brush. Make sure everything is covered, because the bleaching agents are corrosive and will burn mucous tissue. Once bleaching is done, lots of water help close the tubules in your teeth.

About the high discount, believe: an average cost of materials for “in office” bleaching is about 1/5 of total treatment. Bleaching is basically where offices make BIG bucks.

This is called Pit and Fissure Sealants. Insurance usually doesn’t cover Sealants for adults. Once is done, it’s VERY important to be on top of dental check ups every 6 months, because sealants might have micro fissures and bacteria crawls underneath. Sealants are just done on pre molars and molars. :slight_smile:

OK, so maybe my search skills are lacking this morning…but all my attempts to try and find out more about this product just end up with links right back here…

Here is the guy’s website and while it has a link for where it talks about home whitening kits they sell, it doesn’t mention this product specifically.


Ask your dentist for extra fluoride toothpaste. It will help with the sensitivity.


A good mix of both is what I like to use. I did this once through my dentists office and got the custom mouth guard. After that I just used the strips WITH the custom mouth guard and had a great experience. The guard keeps the strips from moving around.


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I never really understood prescription toothpaste with higher percentage of fluoride. why not just use more toothpaste?