Proficient GL6 6.5" Dual Woofer LCR Speaker

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Proficient GL6 6.5" Dual Woofer LCR Speaker
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how many watts are these speekers? Also, if it is applicable for X.1, how can they be hooked up as the .1 channel?

Specs tab lists: Power Handling: 125W

Hopefully someone can chime in on the second portion of your inquiry.

I didn’t know exactly what an LCR speaker was(this one just looks like a center channel speaker to me), so I looked it up.

So it looks like these wouldn’t be ideal to use for your “.1” channel since you’d probably want a dedicated subwoofer for that.

Glad to see WOOT bring out the Audio Gear …Sitting on the side lines with my check book in hand patiently waiting for “ABOVE AVERAGE QUALITY SOUNDING” speakers at a decent/fair price.

Looking to add:
One, Center speaker
One, Sub-Woofer
Four, Wall mounted speakers.

Pretty high priced for a name brand that seems to have no reviews available. This brand looks like it at least started out as being used by home theater installers, with in wall/ceiling speakers being primary market. At this price I would rather go with Pinnacle speakers.

I tend to agree. Pinnacle has been in business for 40 something years and I can attest to the quality of their speakers. My entire 5.1 system is made up of Pinnacle purchased from Woot. Their center channels goes for $179 I believe, though it is 5 1/4" speakers, where this is 6 1/2".

Reviews are sparse. IMHO, using these for LCR or L/R without a sub-woofer and the low end at 46Hz, is going to be disappointing for the price. Further, the 89dB 1W/1m efficiency is somewhat low for a speaker of this price. However, the 4-Ohm impedance may bring out more juice from some amplifiers/receivers or it may be too low for others to drive (some receivers don’t like anything less than 6-Ohms). While they may be pretty, I would not spend $280 on a speaker with these specifications. Look at something more around the 40Hz low-end, 91-93dB efficiency range (remember a 3dB in efficiency is huge!).

Yeah the frequency response doesn’t really bother me, but the efficiency and impedance rating do. You can’t just plug these into any receiver and expect them to work. You have to make sure your receiver is rated for a 4-ohm load and has enough power to make this inefficient speaker loud enough.

Being 4-ohms and only 89dB efficient means they’re going to be a tough load for a bargain receiver to drive with any kind of fidelity.

There are lots of great speakers out there in the ~$300/each range that are 6 or 8 ohms and much more efficient and easier to drive. Paradigm Monitor, Polk RTIA, Klipsch Reference, just to name a few.

for low fi application, one is better off with something that has a directional guide (horn), get you alot more efficiency, so one’s receiver’s fake watts could drive it loud enough w/o b10wing them up.

Also, with HT application, they don’t have to go down to 20hz. 80hz is required and 60hz would be sufficient. Getting a woofer to be efficient down to 40hz would have required a reduction in overall efficiency given the same cabinet size. Then again, given that it is is a ported design with and a 46hz low end (unspecified tolerance), their efficiency should be much higher, maybe they got some really wimpy magnet on the unit.

I can’t believe these sold out.