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How do I get a Unique Profile Pic/Character like a lot of people have here on woot??? For Example ThunderThigh’s profile pic. Is it a Trust Level Permissive? From Gravatar? I’m Truly Lost Here as I digress… meh

Most were brought in from the old forum.

I think you can make yours from your Woot profile though.

Go to the main woot page (like you’re shopping)
Go to the “Your Account” page
Should be a link on the left for “Change Avatar”

You’ll have to save whatever Avatar you choose then add it to your forum account.

Go to the forums
Open your profile (Top right, click on your current avatar, then your username)
Go to Preferences
Change your profile picture


Thanks for the help! It worked exactly like you said. Woot Woot!


Glad it worked! Nice picture!

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