ProForce Pressure Washers - Your Choice

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ProForce Pressure Washers - Your Choice
Price: $209.99 - 249.99
Shipping Options: $5 Standard
Shipping Estimates: Ships in 3-5 business days (Wednesday, Apr 02 to Monday, Apr 07) + transit
Condition: New


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2000 PSI review from Amazon and Home Depot

Remember, Safety first!

FYI, the hp rating is adaquat, but they aren’t pushing enough gpm of water - ya need minimum 2.75-3.0 for good results

Look at some of the pictures here and you’ll want one of these for sure. PS despite the name it is safe for work.

There’s a single review on Amazon and its a lady who for some reason decided a review was a good place to say “I hope my husband likes it”.

There is no review on home depot period.

Are they tough enough to work below freezing to wash the snow off my house and deck and porch ? Will they bring spring ?
I’m getting desperate.

Both of these machines (smaller and larger) are engines using the latest engine technology and the same type of engines used in premium lines of competitive yard equipment. The “overhead valve” feature makes for easier starting, more efficient running and maximum power. By the way, for the additional $40 in price, I think many would be happier with the larger unit, considering some of the standard features in the larger unit that the smaller unit does not have. This is not to say that there is anything wrong with the smaller unit, as there is not.

Finally, the Woot price of these machines is a bargain compared to what you would pay for this or other similar pressure washers at you local home center.

It’s so sad that us Californians are forbidden to buy this. Now I want it more. We could really use it to clean up after our Earthquake last night.

I had one like the larger unit, different brand and with a Honda overhead valves. Still have it and it looks brand new.
Only problem, my third use it stopped working, died and never started again. I finally decided something had to break so I took the valve cover off and part that holds the valves shattered. Bummed big time. Out $650…

I don’t know if it was my fault, or just murphys law???

Costco sells a Simpson with a Honda engine and 3000 PSI delivery…I feel its a better value and no one can beat the Honda small engines…the price at costco…$299.00

Here is a link to HD reviews for the 2350

Can anyone tell me if this is enough for cleaning house siding. Seems like it should be.

The one at Costco is not $299, but rather $379.00

I’ve been looking for a power washer since I need to do my siding, fence and driveway.

After reading the HD reviews and some other on-line seems like it’s a gamble ordering one of these machines.

Not being able to return it to Woot bc of the fuel problem would be another hurdle.

So no thanks Woot.

You should check your warranty. In most cases, the engine comes with its own and separate warranty. The damage that you describe is not your fault, but most likely a defect in the part that was broken. You should contact Honda (you did say it was a Honda engine?) and they should take care of it. If Honda will not stand up for the repair, you could buy the part yourself (it you can handle it) or take the unit to a small engine repair shop. Get an estimated cost and see if it’s worth the cost to have it repaired.

Just my opinion, but I rather have the assurance of having a power washer with a Honda engine. Even if it may cost me more.

Slow down.

As someone who sells pressure washers for a living, I take a whole bunch of exception to your comment about the engine.

Make no mistake, these are disposable residential use machines. I’d be willing to eat my hat if that Chinese engine runs more than 30 hours before catastrophic failure. It is in no way remotely comparable to a commercial grade Honda GX engine, a motor with robust internals that regularly last into the thousands of hours. .

Having said that, most residential users will never use it more than a couple times a year for an hour at the most as a time. I’d never own one because I’d buy an American made unit first but if that isn’t important to you then this will probably work well enough for a couple of years before you have to throw it out.

Well, do you have your hat ready. I wish for your sake that it’s a small hat…and I’ll even supply the salt, pepper, drink (non alcoholic as the hat alone is enough to make you sick) plus any other condiments that you may need. Ready…

I own a Chinese “CLONE” generator which my wife insisted that I buy. Well, she didn’t insist that I buy the clone, but she did insist that I buy a generator that was large enough to handle the essential needs of running the house. I briefly looked at Honda powered generators with min. 9,000 watts for about $2,700, then took a ride to Harbor Freight. I finally bought an 8,000 watt, 16 HP Honda clone for $480 plus tax and took it home. I figured that we were never going to use it anyway, as we’ve lived in the same house since we were married and never had a power outage lasting more than 10 minutes.

Well, guess what came along almost a year after I bought the machine? It was called Sandy and I live in NJ, just 15 miles north of where it came up on the beach. We were without power for nine days during the aftermath of Sandy and my Honda clone generator ran 12 hours a day for nine days until power was restored. Do the math, it ran 108 hours and still runs. As a reminder, you wrote…

“I’d be willing to eat my hat if that Chinese engine runs more than 30 hours before catastrophic failure.”

So, what would you like to drink and do you want salt and pepper?

Isn’t it great that our government tells what products we can use around our homes. I mean just think how horrible our lives would be if we didn’t have California making all these hard decisions for us. You can buy the California compliant version of this exact product at Home Depot for a mere $130 more. Money well spent though, you’ll have the peace of mind knowing that your washer is approved by the government, and probably not as powerful either due to the emission restrictions.

PS…Live free, Leave Cali.