ProForm 610 RT 2.5HP Treadmill

Lots of brilliant people complaining that this is not a good Valentine’s gift. You do realize that in order to get a Valentine’s gift from Woot, it would have had to be ordered days/weeks BEFORE Valentine’s day, right?

Remember all those “delivered by Christmas” icons that Woot posts on items in the weeks before Christmas? You might win a BOC on Christmas, but no one complains about not being able to give it as a gift that day!

Get back on the ball, people. I can’t keep reigning you in.

Only a scale would send a better message to your lady that she needs to lose a few!

does the 610 RT come with that pro form?

It would’ve been a nice Valentine’s Day gift… if the lady was in the zoomed-in pics.

Here’s a direct download pdf of the manual for this treadmill. This explains installation and some basic information about the unit.

2.5 HP motor is likely considered a lower grade motor than most commercial units, but enough for most home use.

I almost want to buy this just because the shipping is only 5 bucks!!! It practically pays for itself!!!

Wife upgrade not included…

12mph is equal to running a 5 minute mile. If you can run a sub-5, you don’t need a treadmill.

You know that disclaimer that Woot always puts on top of the product picture, that says something like “You can buy this hi-tech treadmill, but the fit young lady isn’t included” ?

That disclaimer isn’t on this one…

Huh, looks just like the one linked on our main page.

Our sales setup people will be in the corner crying if you need them. :wah:

If only shipping were free… Heartbreaker

If the Woot! today had been a vacuum cleaner I would have laughed and laughed.

The treadmill is a better choice because it should arrive long after all the candy is eaten.

I once bought my wife a treadmill for her birthday. Even after hearing her say she wanted one, I was still hesitant to buy it for her out of fear that I would be in the dog house. If you are going to buy this as a present, I suggest having a backup present as well, otherwise head over to kids.woot and get yourself a bandaid for when she hurts you.

I cannot comment on this treadmill in particular, however here are some reviews on the company/customer service:

YouTube video…


I’ll take it…

as long as I can get a $500 coupon code…



Probably better on my feet than concrete sidewalks… If only Woot sold an outdoor experience to go with it.

Obviously, in for 4… oh wait!!!

OK Go ;o)


Doh. Should have seen that one.

How about this then. It’s actually a 2.5CHP motor which is benchmarked differently than 2.5 HP. Continuous horse power is what it’s ranked at consistently under a load. 2.5 CHP > 2.5 HP.

Great deal, but 2.5 CHP still won’t take as much of a beating as some of the upper end stuff with over 3 CHP motors. Don’t expect to be running marathons on this.


So really… it cost the same to ship THIS as it did my Koss earbuds??? um… really?