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ProForm Combo Trainer Heart Rate Monitor [New] - $24.99 + $5 shipping shipping

1 * ProForm Combo Trainer Heart Rate Monitor with Chest Strap

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will this chest strap work with the treadmills system one of my friends chest sensor syncs with the treadmill

Does it have an alarm if you flatline? It does! Thanks, CastaStone!

While we’re at it, does it tell time too?

will this beep if you get to a desired heart rate


* Time/Day/Date/Month
* 12 or 24 hour format
* Daily Alarm

Got this in a previous Woot-Off. It works almost too well. If you touch the bezel with skin at all, it starts trying to detect your heart-rate, so it makes for an iffy watch. Otherwise, it is fantastic! Love it. It’s perfect for P90X.

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Yes. According to Overstock, it alarms if your heartbeat goes too high or too low.

I ordered one of these as well, last time they came around. It does work great, but I’ve had a few problems with mine.

I use it just about every day, and it’s randomly reset the user data you input at setup about 5 or six times (age, weight, etc). Not a huge deal, I just go through and re-enter it when it happens.

I’ve also has it fail out completely in really heavy rain. Oh, and the touch sensor, mine stopped working on day 2. I always use the chest strap.

The strap is comfortable, as is the watch. Easy to use and accurate. The options are about all you can ask for, for this level of device.

Well worth the $25, but don’t be surprised if it’s a little flakey.

A Company Rep visited the Woot forum in May, and posted:

Since it is doing the RATE thing, why not add in the Blood Pressure thing?..

…and what is the accuracy differential between “chest belt monitoring” and “non-chest belt monitoring”?

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Look to my post right above yours - the middle comment.

Regarding your question about blood pressure, it does make sense to monitor BP when exercising, such as is done in a treadmill stress test at a medical facility. I suppose that most people are unaware of how to interpret changes in BP, and they would be uncomfortable wearing a sphygmomanometer or digital blood pressure cuffs during exercise.

BP does rise during exercise, which is one reason why doctors recommend that you do the warm-up and cool-down phases gradually (abruptly ceasing exercise can result in light-headedness and cramping).

Note also that people with hypertension should favor dynamic exercise to stationary, for its aerobic benefits.

Previous woots seem to suggest this watch has a high rate of defects.

Based on my own experience with proform/ifit type of stuff, I am cautious, but the touch heart rate is very tempting.


I have a different model of Pro Form HR Monitor w/chest strap and the chest strap is VERY unreliable. It only works some of the time, and I don’t believe I can attribute it to interference because I always try using it at the same place (my house) and sometimes it will just not receive a signal from the strap. Also, on the occasion that it does work, the HR sometimes jumps around and provides an inaccurate reading (i.e. tells me my HR is 210 during warmup). I sent my first one back and explained the problem so they sent me a new one… same problem.

Also, I hope it is a typo that says the stopwatch only goes to 9:59:59. I do Ironman and I am not good enough to go under 10 hours, so this watch is useless to me.

I’ve had similar problems with mine. Possible fixes from my experience include making sure the strap is on tight enough and not bouncing while you’re running/exercising because if it slips it will screw up the reading and then you end up with heart rates ranging from 0 to 220 for no apparent reason. Also, making sure you’re sweaty enough for the sensors, often a problem during warmups. Or you could lick the sensors before starting your workout and strapping on the chest strap, that works as well.