ProForm Combo Trainer Heart Rate Monitor


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Crap off

i rather die then wear this thing…

Need this in case I get a boc. lol

Started using it for P90X. Without the chest strap, the heart rate sensor function is a bit fickle, but it has enough functions to be treated as a sports watch with an added heart rate bonus.

Any problems w/ Woot & Firefox right now? I go to and try to log in, it takes me back and doesn’t show me as logged in, I click on buy button and the page just refreshes. No problems with IE. Firefox 3.6.10 here, I’ve cleared cache, refreshed, restarted, nada. It shows me logged in on woot forums and deals.woot.

UPDATE: Nevermind, NoScript apparently spazzed out on me and marked woot as banned instead of allowed. :frowning:

the watch will reset its memory a lot.

completely randomly.

dont expect to use it as an actual watch or anything except a heartrate monitor.

Does anyone know what the coupon code is this time around?

Worn by only the most advanced Wooters, especially during Woot Off’s

I picked up this watch during the last Woot Off. GREAT DEAL!

what should I type to bring make the lights flash again (they stopped)?

bluetooth bluetooth bluetooth!

I got this from the last time it was wooted. So far it works perfectly and I tested both the touch function and the strap function with a pulse ox monitor at the hospital and they were all right in sync with each other. Im very happy with it-as my girlfriend stole my Garmin HR mon and foot pod model.

One thing is that it gets crazy interference when typing on a computer as it shot my heart rate up to 250 bpm…for a good 30 seconds i was sure i was dying!!

[anyone pick up an extra they would part with?