ProForm Fitness

The first thing that came to mind when I saw that vibration thing was one of those old timey belly belt sanding things. Like this.


Fran Drescher likes it.

What are the chances of getting a rower (a good one) on here?

I’ve seen very few exercise equipment companies on woot that make rowers, let alone companies that make good rowers. I’d suggest finding a used one online or locally, as most will probably have very little wear.

Great photoshop job on the arm!

Dont know about the vibration thing but the 405 elliptical looks like a good deal.

Not so sure!

I highly recommend the concept 2 indoor rower. I have had mine since 1997. they have since had 2-3 newer models come out.
the nice thing about this rower is that there is little maintenance required. chain oil and a vacuum of the air intake chamber is needed, and this is needed pretty infrequently. It is expensive, but it is worth the value. if you find a used one, I’ll bet that it would still be in awesome shape.

I had a landice treadmill that lasted only 3 years, and it was top of the line. the rower has been going strong.

I’m glad I’m not the only one that thought that looked weird…

That lady has a robot hand!! I think she might be part terminator!

Some kind of flat plate inside the left cup of her top?

I don’t trust her. There’s nobody there to save you - run!

I don’t believe for one second that the vibration thingy wil get you in shape or help you lose fat. However, I AM intrigued with the notion of whether the vibration platforms can strengthen bones and help joints initiate some self repair…

Cant find much info on the 1210 RT treadmill. Doesn’t exist on the ProForm website.

I have owned a Proform treadmill and bike. The treadmill was pretty average in terms of performance but the exercise bike didn’t last a year, it was TERRIBLE and constantly had issues like grinding in the pedals. We had someone out to repair it twice and after that gave up on it and joined a gym.

The vibrator is something they roll out every couple of years until people figure out it is useless and they can’t get their wife to stop using it anyway. Then a few years later people forget and they bring it back for more suckers.

I contacted ProForm. Was told 1210 RT was model sold to stores only. I see it on BJ’s site for $899.

Is this really a good deal?;jsessionid=12813B102404F36E7DEBAEA7D4EB415E.instance02?CAWELAID=1701213374&cagpspn=pla&cmpid=Google-G_US_Meijer_eCom_PLA_Sporting_Goods&kpid=PFEX71808

I found mixed reviews, but most say it’s a decent, budget friendly elliptical.

You can find it for the same price at Sam’s, plus other models.