Progress Lighting Fixtures

The close-to-ceiling light and inverted bowl pendant were exactly what I’ve been looking at to replace my home’s dated brass-colored fixtures, yay! Now how about some nickel bathroom vanity lights?

Thanks for making my home improvement projects a lot less expensive.

And I thought progress was the opposite of Congress. I learned something today. Time for a nap.

Same ones I use in my house and I love them…except…I paid a lot more a year and a half ago. Darn.

What’s a “medium base” bulb? Is that a regular sized socket bulb?

I did a quick Google search, and it does seem as though a medium base bulb is the standard size light bulb. Hope that helps!

I want to buy the one in the picture. How do you do that?

I believe these are the droids you’re looking for?

3 ceiling lights and alabaster dining table lamp are all installed and look great with our new stainless appliances.

Pics or it didn’t happen! :slight_smile: Glad to hear things look great.

My “Etched Alabaster Style Glass Pendant” has been “shipping now” for two weeks. I’m starting to think it just might not be shipping at all. Anyone else still wondering when in the he11 their lighting might arrive?