Project Paso Mix Six

Project Paso Mix Six
Sold by: Don Sebastiani & Sons
$59.99 $124.00 52% off List Price
2012 Cabernet Sauvignon
2012 Old Vine Zinfandel
2011 Lonely Oak Red Blend
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We have a last second open seat! **

What a deal!
Half price or perhaps even FREE tour seat!

PM or post ASAP if interested.

Guaranteed a partial, but there may even be a full subsidy. We don’t want an empty seat.

I’ve picked up a couple of Project Paso Red Blend ('09 & '10) from World Market in the ~$10 range and found them to be a good QPR and drinking above their price for a mid week wine.
None of these, but Still Don & sons Paso juice.

Hoping the someone can chime in on this: What is the cellar-ability of these wines? Especially the cab sav? Looking for a 21st b-day wine for my son born in 2012…

These are more the - drink now type. If you are looking for someting to cellar head on over to wootplus and check out the Ty Caton Tytanium

Alcohal seems restrained at 13.5%, for a hot region in a ripe year. Were these de-alched?

Very good question. Boy the wine bus sure has changed. 13.5 actually is a pretty high alcohol.

As you may know if you have enjoyed our wines before, we aim for aromatic and flavorful wines that are medium bodied, not over-the-top ripe and jammy. Our food friendly winemaking style helps us keep alcs below 14.

These a three great wines. Though very distinct from eachother, our best sellers are the cab and the blend. The blend features like 500 (less actually) different varietals some of which I really don’t know much about.

My personal fave of the bunch is the zin. It is a bit of an old school zin my grandfather would have liked. NOT overly ripe and purple, it is powerfully aromatic, has lots of varietal zin flavor, without the side of raspberry jam that usually comes from warm climate zin.

I really liked The Crusher wines Don Sebastiani offered a while back. I’m going to give these a try!

Can you tell me if the woots of the Ty Reds/Petit Verdot are wines that can be enjoyed immediately or do they still need more time.

They can be enjoyed immediately, otherwise the winemaker would be a fool to release them without a disclaimer.

So what was the answer to the question asked, yes or no? Either could be inferred from the answer given.

Excellent point.

No they were not dealc’d.

2012 Cab for me :slight_smile: