Projector Gadgets

Well done, woot. I thought the same thing when I saw the title of the sale.

I bought this on Woot a few weeks ago (same price; same model I believe). Very pleased!
Pluses: fan is not crazy loud; at night picture is very good; sound is terrific; operation is intuitive; automatically shuts down lamp if you’re just listening to ipod music; focus is manual but easy; footprint is tiny; price.

Minuses: fan may bother you; daytime operation in my room is muddy; limits in setting picture size and angle; no setting telling you how many hours on the lamp.

I had a more expensive projector that I could place in a room and adjust the picture size depending on the distance and angle of the wall I was projecting the image onto. This one needs to be moved to the right spot in the room… and if that’s 3 feet from a back wall and 6 feet from the floor you may end up with some fancy furniture rearrangement (mine is currently balanced on 2 books and a wooden slab on top of a side table).
However once I found the spot, it doesn’t bother me. The sound is 100x better than my more expensive model and the price of this is less than just the lamp (projector light bulb) replacement of my other one.
The lamp blew in about 18 months for my old projector and instead of a new lamp I got this projector.
Oh, and I am perfectly happy projecting on a white wall… cinephiles will probably want a lot more, but I’ve been thrilled to get rid of my old tvs. When it’s not turned on even a flat screen is just wasted space.

This is for the entire sale/event not just a single item. What did you buy?

So, that’s a pretty good review but as far as I can tell you didn’t list what model you got.