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I have the Vivitek D554 3000 Lumen SVGA 3D Projector and it is seriously the best deal on here. Damn good picture and high lumens for $179!

If I’m reading this right, it says it’s a native SVGA but can emulate an UXGA. Doesn’t it look blocky under UXGA?

You can’t go wrong with a Vivatek. I got one awhile back from here on Woot and the 3D actaully works! WELL!!! I got it for $249 and we could not be any happier

i dont see a secret door :frowning:

Secret door? I also see no door.

Not at all.

Woot projector deals are great. Bought two from two separate deals already. My brother might buy one on this deal.

3000 lumens are perfect for a semi dark room. :slight_smile:

I bought the Qumi 5 from Woot last year. Woot said the unit was refurbished but I am sure the unit I got was brand new. I thought maybe the Q5 was being closed out for the Q7 but the Q5 is still listed for sale and is consistently more expensive.

I have a room in my basement that has complete control over the darkness. I bought some Home Depot projector screen paint online. Tester sizes are available for under $4.00 each. I bought two containers and painted a very large screen.

I placed the Qumi on a shelf and it worked. The unit has auto keystone which is great. You can play movies and view documents directly from a thumb drive. The brightness is stunning.

When I played Monster University on Blue Ray, the color and image was very impressive.

When I show friends my theater room, they think I have spent a fortune. They can not believe I paid about $300.00 for the projector.

I bought a couple of SVGA projectors before I bought the Qumi. The difference is picture is night and day (if you have the right source material).

You can add WIFI to the Qumi but I don’t think that is necessary.

I have used several HDMI devices with the Qumi. My wife has a Acer Iconia tablet. She had to do some studying so I took the projector to the dining room and used a mini HDMI cable so she could view videos from the tablet. It was a great experience.

My primary video now comes from a OUYA device. I have Netflix, HBOGO, XBMC and Youtube running. I was able to root the device and add Slingbox so I can watch whatever is being watched on my main set top box.

I have also tried a MK808 thumb drive computer to drive the Qumi. It does a very nice job.

I would like to buy another unit and replace the SVGA units I watch in my downstairs office.

Hey guys… I’m im the market for a home theater projector… the D554 is okay for this?

I’m wanting to branch out into the world of projectors for my main TV viewing experience. Problem is, I live in a loft, and cannot get a true DARK room – just sort of dark. Since this is my first projector purchase, I’m not wanting to spend a whole lot (until I know for sure what I want). So, what would you recommend? I’m not really worried about 3D. But I do want a good amount of picture clarity whatever I end up with. Thanks!

I need a fairly cheap one for projecting slides from lectures onto a study room wall. Maybe also some video watching. Any recommendations?

How comparable would the HD of the Vivitek D857WT be to a standard 1080p HD flat-panel?
Furthermore, I see that while it has like a third the contrast ratio and less color capacity, it is much higher in price than similar Vivitek models. Can anyone speak as to why this is?

EDIT: found an answer to the colors thing (16.7m vs 1.07b)–

The consensus from my in-depth interwebs research seems to be that the difference is not noticeable with normal viewing. What is going on is that the 1.07b colors units are using a 10-bit color lookup table when comparing and selecting colors to display vs the standard 8-bit table. While this means it has the potential to display the colors more accurately, it is hardly noticeable because of the framerate. Apparently the 10-bit models have slightly more noticeable lag because of the increased lookup time. Here’s the best explanation I found:

"If a display uses 10 bits per color instead of 8 bits, then it can process 1024 (2^10) gradations of each red, green or blue. An 8 bit display can only process 256 gradations of each, red, green or blue.

It is relatively easy to expose the difference by using a restricted color pallete, such as all shades of pure red. If a static, linear red ramp signal were fed in and converted by each display into either 8-bit and 10-bit representations and displayed, the 10-bit system would appear much finer, smoother with less obvious gradation. The 8 bit system would most likely show at least some visible banding throughout the gamut.

On a 50" plasma with 1366 pixels, an 8-bit display would show some banding along 5-pixels wide boundaries when displaying a linear sweep of black to brightest only-red (or only-green or only-blue). In other words, the color would only change every 5th pixel. With a 10-bit display, capable of 1024 gradations, the gradations would occur at 1.3 pixel boudnaries. The sweep from black to full brightness of a single color should appear to be as smooth as the display is capable of producing, with a slight luminance change occuring nearly at every pixel.

It is likely that it won’t perform quite so ideally, since some of the 10-bits are consumed in the mathematics that happens inside the display’s processor and it is most likely that the plasma discharge elements in the glass are also not capable of perfectly rendering the entire theoretical 1024 gradations. However, it should be a significant and visible improvement over the 8-bit display, as the 8 bit processing also consumes some headroom out of the possible 256 step per-color gamut too.

When you display a normal image with real-life colors, the gradations are less obvious to the eye, especially when the image is moving and updated every 1/30th of a second.

The effect is similar to switching your computer from “millions of colors” to “thousands of colors” with a photo image on the screen. You’ll see the reduction of color gamut. Most computers are capable of only 8-bits per color display anyway."

I am looking for a projector that I can use outside for movie nights with the kids…would run off our laptop either with DVD or from Netflix/Amazon Instant video. Tips on what to look for and not break the bank?

While I don’t own one yet, I did a lot of research and just purchased one of the Vivitek ones (so I guess I am technically an owner).
From what I have read, 2500 lumens + is what you would need for a semi-darkened room’ so 3000 lumens should cover you well I would assume.

I bought the short throw Vivitek, because it takes HDMI, and from the reviews I was able to read online, it doesn’t require much distance from the wall to project a large image. Also, at that price it was most attractive to me. 250…

About the D554 or any 3000lm projector, does any one have experience using a projector this bright in a small 11x12 foot room? Can the brightness be turned down enough using eco-mode/brightness/gain settings so as to not get a headache from over brightness in a completely dark environment? Thanks for any help!

Be careful buying anything electronic or with a gas engine on Woot. I bought two items in the past that were not described correctly and Woot just tells me to sell them on eBay. No returns. I have $400 worth of stuff that won’t work for me. Now I just buy stuff that is not electronic or with engines.

NOT a happy camper. I bought one on July 11. Not shipped yet, no response from Woot when I asked where it was.

How do I cancel this and pay double for another one and rush shipping from someone who will provide service?

I’m sorry for the delay. Please email for assistance. Include your Woot username and order number for faster service.