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i want that optoma led 100 but i am afraid of that 30 day warranty on the bulb. why would there be only a 30 day warranty on a bulb on a factory reconditioned unit ? the product page states the bulb should last 20,000 hours, implying the bulb in it is brand new. the limited warranty suggests otherwise. can anyone out there allay my fears?

just wanted to add, please reply soon as possible, like in the next hour so i can get some sleep as it is almost 3am. sale ends in the morning!

Sorry for the late answer. Typically, the manufacturer (or 3rd party) checks the bulbs to make sure there’s a good amount of life left. I don’t have a number for what constitutes a good amount of life for the various manufacturers though.

I don’t know if this helps you, but here goes:

The LED “bulb” in this unit is certainly nearly new (only a small percentage of the expected very long life used).

The reason why refurb units usually have a short warranty is because warranty service is a significant cost of selling new units: each warranty repair or replacement is expensive, and it only takes a small percentage to impact the selling price or cut into the profit margin. On refurbs, they try to nearly eliminate that cost, and drop the price accordingly.

On an LED-powered projector, the most likely cause of failure is the LCD or DLP light controller, or the electronics that drive it, just like projectors with bulbs.