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This Vivitek D862 claims a 15000:1 contrast ratio while vivitek’s website says it only gets 2500:1. Huge difference.

I’m seeing 15000:1.

Just moved to a new apartment home this weekend and I’m looking to replace my current TV with a nice projector. I do not have any previous experience with projector. Is it safe to buy a refurbished one or should I just shell out more to get a new one? Are any of these deals good enough to jump onto? They all fall into my budget range. Thanks!

Can anyone tell me which projector is good for a 480i/480p device? I would have component cables with it not composite.

It’s for a video game system, older one. Whenever I’ve used a PS2 or Gamecube on a modern LCD/LED TV the lag is bad and so is the picture. So I wanted to find a projector that suits 4:3, 480i/480p devices better.

Search for a projector with low input lag - they will typically be either old (no 3d/frame interpolation) or have a game mode. If you get a projector with lag in the 30ms range, you’ll be set for just about any game (~2 frames at 60hz) Check out this (slightly outdated) AVSForum thread:

You will be able to use any of the SVGA projectors which would be a closer match to the 480p resolution. What you need would be a VGA to component cable (RGB) cable which is widely available to achieve what you are trying to do.

I can tell you that what Vivitek offers are really good deals compared to the new ones. Our projectors generally will look like they are brand new and will have lamps with very few hours on them (1-25 hours) For a projector to replace a TV- I would recommend going with a D963HD- it is bright and 1080p.

No comments about the product, I just love Big Buck Bunny…

Seeing as how we’re three-dimensional, that would be quite astonishing.

I don’t necessarily need something with that accurate of low input lag.

The projector isn’t for the players to look at, it’s for the audience to watch.

The system itself will be like this:

Nintendo Wii Component >> Component Amp Distributor Box >>

Output 1: Player TV
Output 2: Projector Screen
Output 3: Capture Card/Computer

Thanks Doug, but if I placed the projector farther back so a larger audience could watch, would the projector you suggest still project a decent 480p enlarged image from a distance?

I’m not too familiar with PQ on projectors.

I think you will be fine- Most modern day projectors can give a very nice image at 100+ inches these days. The only thing would be the light output but if you can control the ambient light in the room you will get a good image.

At the cost of these projectors- I think its a very low risk and you will definitely enjoy what you are looking to do.

Has anybody’s tracking information changed. I got the original shipping email on the 24th but the projector hasnt even been picked up from what I can tell. The Ups site still just says a label has been created

Don’t buy any projector unless you know you have a good light controlled environment. In other words projectors work best in rooms that are dark. Otherwise the image starts to appear washed out.

Be aware that projectors can be noisy (fan noise). Those designed for the mobile salesman type are small compact and often loud. Those specifically designed for Home theater will have larger and quieter fans.

Projectors with LED lights are quite dim no matter what the specs say. This is not bad if you have a dark room, and LED lamps last forever… but a LED projector claiming to crank out 2700 lumen is guilty of misrepresentation.

As for refurb versus new… I suggest it doesn’t matter as long as the lamp is new and not a cheap knock off. Replacing lamps can cost over $200 (depending on the model) there are cheap knock offs but they tend to burn dimmer than Philips or Osram.