For anyone considering the Pyle gaming projector, I recommend you read some of the reviews over at Amazon. One reviewer claims the video output only goes to 320 x 240 resolution.

I’m looking for a home theater projector that’s bright enough to use during the day with the curtains covering windows. I’m opting for the cheapest, but may be sold if one of these 1080p are extremely good.

Also, I looked at wirecutter’s best <$500 projector, and it doesn’t mention any of these LEDs that still have a 2700+ lumen output. Is there a catch? Those seem too good to be true.

I’m leaning towards the Optoma HD180x, Pyle PRJLE78 LED, and Vivitek 557WH.

EDIT: Look at past woots… very bad reviews on the Pyle LED projector. That narrows it down a bit at least.

Can anyone recommend one under $300? I know nothing about the brands and how they fair. I’ve been wanting on and been waiting for woot to get them in.

I have only 3 words to add to this discussion:

Hell yeah!
(damn, that was 5, wasn’t it?)