Vivitek D557WH is described as 4:3 Native, 16:9 Compatible.

Does It also work in 16:10 ?

The D557WH is actually a native 16:10 projector that can be used in 16:10, 16:9, and 4:3 aspect ratios.

Thank you!

Does anyone know what the true minimum focal distance is on the LED ultraportable projectors? Can it sit 18" back for a sub 20" image? Basically wondering if it can be used on a desk or simply will not focus unless it is 3 feet back.

I don’t know exactly what is the LED ultraportable projector.


this can help you.

Would you please clarify, these are refurbished by Vivitek?

If I were you, I’d consider ceiling-mounting it. That way, you’re far less likely to shadow the screen by moving something on your desk… and it would probably be much easier to station the projector back a bit.

As for the direct answer to your question, IDK, sorry.

Here’s a page that has a handy chart on what brightness to buy for what screensize & background lighting.

I’m thinking of setting up dual screens projected to about 40" each, and it looks like 3500 lumens on my white wall (shielded from direct sun, but otherwise a brightly lit room) might work.

Any experience from the field?

(EDIT: forgot the link)

These are refurbished product direct from Vivitek.

Just fired one up to check.

The Qumi can sit back about 20" and be focused. At 20", the image is rather small however- approximately 15".

Noooooo the one I wanted is gone…

the Vivitek D950HD :frowning:

I’ve never bought anything off Woot before and I splurged on a projector! Has anyone ever bought a projector off woot before? did it run well even though it was refurbished? i am worried about it!!!

I’m looking at the Optoma TX536.
Does anyone know:

  1. is this factory refurbished by Optoma (the manufacturer) or by a third party?

  2. is the lamp brand new.


Annie, Just bought mine (the first day these were posted up) and have already received it. It looks brand new and the box is branded vivitek.

I am pretty damn happy with it, now I just need to find a good screen!

I purchased one of the Qumi Q5’s last time and it works well. I brought it in for a presentation at work yesterday and it was very handy to have. For the size and the money, I think it’s well worth it.

I recieived my D557WH Tuesday and yesterday had time to power it up for a lool see. I was really impressed with the picture.We do football games in the garage and after I played with the menu some the picture was great.I have sceens for outside viewing,however in the garage just show the pic on the wall. I did go to Home Depot and they can mix a “projector mix” piant for you. I used that on the wall.Brings out much better whites & black clours. Anyway very happy on the protector.

I bought the Qumi5 on Dec 11 and it is now Dec 14th already but still it says Shipping Soon. Do anybody know what shipping method they use to ship these.

Standard shipping (unless you choose One or Two Day) is 3-5 business days form the sale.

If you made a purchase on the 11th, I would wait until at least the 18th for tracking information. If you don’t see anything by then, please feel free to email into Woot Member Services at

HELP!!! Got my D950HD yesterday, set it up and almost cried, great image quality UNTIL you realize the Painfully Bad Image artifacting EVERYWHERE. I found settings that make it somewhat tolerable but NOT enjoyable and still very noticeable on lights and skin tones. Tied several Blue-ray Discs including Pixar Movies and all have this issue. Has anyone else had this problem, VivitekDoug any suggestions! I have pictures I can post if needed.