We’re sorry to hear that your purchase is experiencing issues.

Since the product has a 180 Warranty through Vivitek, we recommend visiting their support page: Vivitek Tech Support. They should be able to help resolve the issue you’re encountering.

If they’re unable to assist you, please feel free to email into Woot Member Services at and let them know. They’ll be able to answer any questions or concerns you might have.

tried contacting them all weekend nothing.

I was hoping to find out if this is a normal problem or if it is specific to this one. and if a normal problem was hoping some one knew setting that might fix it

Hi there. I don’t see an order for a projector on your account so I’m guessing you ordered under another one.

It’s likely that Vivitek’s support was closed for the weekend. Give them a try this week. If you don’t have any luck, you can email to see about a return. Include your woot username and order number.

Still after 5 days no shipping notification. First time using woot and I am already regretting.

Sorry for the delay. I PM’d your tracking to you. Hope that helps.

I ordered 2 of Vivitek 3600Lumen WXGA 3D HDMI ProjectorSold on Sellout.Woot

On December 10th, it is December 18th and they still haven’t been sent and I have not received any tracking number. Is there a way you can up me to expedited shipping (for free would be nice I was really hoping to have these by christmas) If I have to pay extra for shipping I will consider it I just really wanted these in time for xmas. Order Number 47127889

Woot needs to get their act together on the holidays I love woot and have always promoted their shirts/deals to friends I’m just sad that I haven’t gotten it yet.

I convinced my friend to order one of these projectors the day after I ordered mine, his is estimated to arrive by tomorrow seriously some mistake has been made if it truley has not shipped out yet. He said he got his tracking number a day after he ordered.

I ordered on Dec 13th, and I still haven’t received a tracking number or shipped notification. The website status has been stuck on “Shipping Now” for over a week. I sent a message to customer support, but no reply. A delay is understandable. Lack of communication and up to date information is not.

I’m sorry for the delay in this shipment and our poor communication. I’m seeing what I can find out from this end.

I still haven’t received an update. Meanwhile, my card was charged immediately after placing the order weeks ago, and Woot is sitting with my money and my item.

You should be getting an email from CS shortly. Be sure to check your spam folders for a response.

I got a reply with a tracking number which indicated it was delivered on Dec 23rd, and the email said to ask around my neighbors and my front office for the package (>1week after it was supposedly delivered). The package is nowhere to be found. I used the contact form to follow up, but I got no response even though a business day has passed. (CAS-563410-Q3R1P2).

I still have not received a response. It is almost a month now since I have been charged, and no item - nor a refund.

I’m so sorry for the continued problems. Let me contact CS.