Propper Men's Stretch Tactical Pant

Propper Men's Stretch Tactical Pant

Geeeezzzzzz. “Tactical” crap again. Let’s go play militia this weekend! You know the company name is really “Prepper”, but they didn’t want it to be so obvious. Yes, I have a disdain for that whole culture. The world will end when it ends, and there’s nothing that will save you.

Ooooh do these stretch tactically?

Only in propper situations.


‘‘Wear your pants the propper way, with a belt!’’ Woot talks about Tactical Belts, Woot shows pictures of Tactical Belts ! SO WHERE ARE THE BELTS ???

Sorry. Looks like they dropped off at the last minute. They were there yesterday when I previewed.

Is it pant or pants?

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I would hate to be prepared.

Probably a way of suckering some people into thinking they need to buy two.

It’s like the old joke about the shampoo company that doubled its sales with just one word: After instructions to “wash and rinse”, they added the word “repeat.” :upside_down_face:

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I’m sorry, but anything that melts and catches fire losses it “tacticality”.
You ever get a round with a bad grain or two? The brass will melt the fabric and get the vapors going while the smoldering smokeless ignites your pants.
Oh, ohhh, they are now tactical shorts!

pant suit vs pants suit ?

pantsuit one word.