Prorelax TENS Pain Controller with Upper Arm Cuff

Shock and awe!

woot.terrible continues

Feel the pain! Taste the pain! Control the pain!

holy unexciting batman!

of course I waste all my monies on 3 knives and then i can buy me a fancy electro-tourniquet, bah!

At least its new and not a refurb, like the flood of refurb stuff we was getting.

…looks for “alternative” uses…

Just the device to use if you’re a little TENS.

How ironic it is for a pain controller to cause me pain.

“Ok, let’s get moving on this WootOff by getting rid of all the crap we have! Go! Search the shelves!”

Got to admit. Papercuts do hurt!

I read Pain Controller and was expecting a remote controlled torture device.

Can I use the arm cuff on my leg?

wounder if it controls my emotional pain from all the crappy items

Looks like a blood pressure monitor.

I got a twitch!

what in the hell

Can this be used for baseball players (pitchers, outfielders, etc.) when their arms are sore?

this woot is making its own market for this device