Prorelax TENS Pain Controller with Upper Arm Cuff


daaaaaamn just missed on the beer, and now its a pain + blood pressure cuff??? FAIL



Welcome to the Health Channel, Stay tuned for Ben-Gay Special Presentation.

TENS works. Feels like when your leg falls asleep. Kinda tickles too.

i think this device is for people to relax their arms after a whole day of repeatedly clicking F5.


Electrocute yourself safely in the comfort of your own home! Only $45 shipped!

Pfft. I have an ELEVENS.

I hope golf weather gets here soon! Woot says it’s on the way…

wow, that was fast.


So this controls how much pain is inflicted on me, unlike the other cuff I have that just gives random amounts of pain?

Description says golf weather is on the way? It’s snowing in Chicago at the moment, and won’t break 35 this week.

“Golf weather is on the way.” Wah?

this is pretty blah. And a little ‘meh’ too.

how high can this get me?

More garbage, I stayed home all day only to find that this is the worst woot-off ever. Please stop selling amazon’s junk that no one wants.

Pain controller? Sounds like my new torture device!