Proscan 26” 720p LCD HDTV with Built-in DVD Player

Ahh…quit posting expensive stuff!

Need a 37+" TV!

Didn’t they start off with a Proscan?

never heard of proscan

pro scam

That is a sexy monitor for 26" built in dvd player and tv tuner.

I want one… If a crackhead hadn’t stolen the catalytic converter off my car, I’d be able to buy it.

a tv should go quicker than those headphones at least

i found the link woot its under the community if there is no post yet. :slight_smile:

Ha! 26"? I could buy a 32" for the same price!

Just bought a 42" Panasonic Plasma. Never going back to LCD again.

The concept is definitely what I want, but not only does the brand/product look shitty, but it’s cheaper on Newegg.

nice TV, if I had even turend my own TV on for more then 30minutes in the last 3 months I might buy this.

But it’s only 720p. This is much more suited to being a TV than it is to being a computer monitor. Most larger monitors will give you 1080p without batting an eye, as gaming applications and such usually demand a higher resolution.

Yeah but does it have a horrible DVD player built in?

The description sounds like there’s only one.

29 secs. to first woot…who makes a $300 decision that quick? Did you just REALLY need a Proscan(???) TV that bad?

Yeah, I think so

No thanks for the expensive and undesirable tv…hopefully it goes fast.