Proscan 42” 1080p LCD HDTV

They ARE getting bigger! And yes, that’s what she said.


they’re still growing!


yup… increasing size trend. Now the 42"

1080p HDTV with 1366 x 768 resolution? doesnt add up.

I sold these at a retail store, they break a lot.

whoa! where did this off day wootoff come from!? cool!

The specs are wrong - they’re for the 37" TV-DVD combo.

ANOTHER Woot-Off? I haven’t slept in days!

its an RCA tv btw for those wondering who ProScan is…i think ive seen this name a few times already

just fyi

Thats what I am wondering…a 42" TV for $500? You’d have to be skeptical.

doesn’t a 37" diagonal make this a 37" TV? or did something change?

The current SquareTrade Promo code does NOT apply to purchases. The first time I have seen Woot items excluded from a promo code.

NEVER buy a refurb…specially at this price. Bought a 42 inch NEW for $400.00 at Meijer’s on Dec 12. Plus I have the luxury of having it serviced where I live (have not had to yet) rather than through the mail. Learned my lesson by buying the ASUS netbook refurb at $150 last May and TWICE I have had to send it back and now I have to send it back a third time, of course I pay all the shipping. NEVER AGAIN

I’m not a tv-phile but I’m sure that 1366x768 is not 1080p

OMG its aother Proscan, and its BIGGER!

why does Woot hate us??

anyone know any thing about these at all

Like i said earlier…do not buy a refurb