Proscan 7" Tablet with Case & Keyboard

**Item: **Proscan 7" Tablet with Case & Keyboard
Price: $69.99
Shipping Options: $5 Standard OR $9 Two-Day OR $12 One-Day
Condition: New

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6/19/2013 - $69.99 (Woot-off) - 40 comment(s)

Here are some good reviews (not sure if same model, but looks the same)

If that is a 7" screen then the keyboard must be sized for six year old hands, right? Will this accept a regular USB keyboard input too?

[MOD EDIT: 2nd video removed]

This looks like a nice cheap tablet to keep in the car for the little ones when you are going to places that offer free Wi-FI but do not want to bring out your “good” tablet.

I’m looking for an eventual replacement for my Sony Dash, and it looks like these budget tablets may fit the bill…

Only problem is, I don’t know of any clock apps that feature the same degree of functionality as the Dash firmware does. Any recommendations?

It’ll probably take a Bluetooth keyboard; I’m betting that’s what the included one is. If the Logitech shows up on Woot Plus again, I recommend it.

Hate that this uses a proprietary power jack.

You all are getting screwed walmart has the 8inch version of this exact tablet for 59.99. Yeah shop around before you think your getting the best deal.

[MOD: Doesn’t include case or keyboard]

As far as I can tell, the WalMart one doesn’t come with a case. You’re unlikely to find a compatible case with a keyboard for <$10, so this seems like the better deal if, like me, you prefer the 7" for portability reasons.

A regular sized USB plug is visible in the photo of the open case, so I believe the keyboard’s not Bluetooth.

Google Play App??

If you have a definite use case for the tablet, go right ahead for example, a dash clock or a first tablet for a smash happy kid.

If you want a general purpose 7" tablet, go for the nexus 7. USD 199 is more expensive but it will be worth it. You can probably get one on Amazon for cheaper if you look for deals.

Walmart one has a 1.0ghz processor. No the same

looks cute but My galaxy note is 5.5 inches… sooo… I’ll pass.

The guy in the video review above states the micro USB can be used to charge, in addition to the proprietary jack. I would certainly double check that though.

For now, while supplies last, I’d suggest the Barnes & Noble Nook HD for $129 ($149 for the 9"). It can run Jelly Bean 4.2.2 and has a great screen. I’ve got it as well as the Nexus 7, and while I agree the N7 is better, it’s 3x the cost of this one. The Nook HD is $70 less and might be more affordable for many of those who’d consider buying this tablet. It has no camera and no GPS but otherwise is comparable to the N7 and significantly better than this throwaway.

I bought the 10 Digix tab from Frys for $99. So far so good.

I wonder if it would play my 720p or 1080p MKV files from a memory card to my TV.