Proscan Progressive Scan DVD Player



I don’t care what you say, people still use DVD players.


Unfortunately I couldn’t find a region-free hack for this player (you need this to play foreign DVDs)


It’s cheap, it’s small and will be great in the kids room since you dont need to worry about breaking this thing.


I may have to grab me one of these. I’ve always had better luck with these else cheapo DVD players than with higher end models. red one I have now, from a previous wooting, is fancier but head several shortcomings like the time display press (countdown vs count up, chapter vs title) are buried in a deep menu, and it doesn’t have its own volume controls.

but if you can’t region-zero it, maybe not.



Won’t play Dvix but they list Kodak picture disk?

how weird. who has a pile of those laying around.

there is no usb in for your thumb drive.

seems to me at 15.00 and shipping this is still a stretch.


Boy these things have gotten so small and cheap. I can remember when I bought my first DVD player. It was a few weeks after the 9/11 attack and I was still shaken up. I needed a way to distract myself so I found a DVD player that was being discontinued and was on sale at a local Circuit City. I can’t remember who the manufacturer was, but it was one of the big name brands. Possibly Pioneer or JVC.

I finally got it for about $130 (even cheaper than the advertised price of $150) because the entire stock had sold out and all that was left was the floor model. It was behemoth of a device taking up almost as much room as the receiver/amplifier. The tray was in the middle and looked tiny compared to the box.

I used that monster for several years before replacing it with an XBox 360 (then later a Blu-Ray player) both of which I bought from Woot.

I eventually sold that old DVD player to a co-worker a few years ago so I could buy that XBox 360.

Man how time flies, items change and prices drop.


Not even HDMI? What’s the point?


These are standard 480p without any upconverting. So no need for an HDMI output.


Please don’t laugh at my lack of tech knowledge, but…

My desktop PC disc drive is broken and all I ever used it for was watching DVDs.

Could this be hooked up to a computer for that purpose?


Some computers have video connections for recording, and if not, you can sometimes get them for $15-25. Yes, $20 to connect a $20 player. And it will be a bit clunky to actually use it.

If you are dealing with an older monitor, it probably has a VGA connector, squarish with 15 pins, usually blue. You can get an adapter between Svideo (the round connector with 4 pins that this has) or component video (the three orange, blue, and green plugs) and VGA, and connect this instead of the computer. But again, that will probably cost $10 or more with shipping.


I’m pretty sure that if you told me in 2000 or 2001 that DVD players would eventually sell for $15.99, I wouldn’t have believed you.


My first one (80s) was close to $400.


Sigh . . . that’s a shame. Thanks for saving me quite a bit of time, though.


90s? Or are you talking about a CD player?


For about this same price you can replace the drive in your computer. It is not as hard as it seems. Open the case remove a couple of wires and screws and put in the new drive with the original wires and screws. You just need to know if you have a SATA drive or IDE.


Think about this…

This player at $15 costs LESS than some of the DVD discs that you’ll put in it!!! I’m sure that my earliest DVDs cost more than that when I got them.


That’s what I’m thinking. I remember sitting in 8th science reading a magazine article about how great Men in Black would look on this new DVD tech!


what a great deal! will work perfect for my bedroom!


I bought one of these a couple of weeks ago. It works fine and does a good job. For some reason, I couldn’t get the S-Video connector to work. It plugs into both my TV and the DVD, but it did not work, so to use this I used the red, white yellow cables. The picture is fine, the remote is a bit clunky.

I have owned five DVD players or DVD/VHS players so far and the cheap ones seem to last longer than the expensive ones. None has been as reliable as the VHS players I have owned.Two years is the longest a DVD player has lasted me.

I am very careful with the player and the disks and I have no kids.