Proscan Progressive Scan DVD Player


You would be better off buying a new dvd drive from an online retailer. They are very easy to install, all you need to do is look up if your computer has an IDE cable (Big ribbon) or a SATA cable (Smaller) and buy the correct type. They are in the 15-20 dollar range on most online retailers. If you have a laptop it will be more of a pain but still possible. Doing a simple change like a DVD drive is very easy if you just take a look at a how-to video on the web really fast. Don’t be afraid to do something like that to fix up your broken dvd drive!


what would bee the best way to use a monitor with this DVD player? I have looked at several converters but none seem to be good options…

Any Ideas?


I wasted money on this in the last woot off - mine arrived broken and I was told by woot that I couldn’t return it, I had to deal with the manufacturer directly. Buyer beware.


What happened with the manufacturer? If you’re still having problems, let know. We do want you to have a working item if possible!


Cheaper DVD players like this one often times have a option in the setup to enable either S-video or component, my guess is yours may be enabled for component…
BTW didn’t the brand Proscan used to be a rather good brand? I can remember Proscan monitors years ago and they were rather top shelf and cost accordingly. Of course they could just sold their name like many of the big brands of yesteryear: RCA, Sylvania, Zenith, Magnavox, etc. etc.
Oh if you own one I have a question, can you display REMAINING time(chapter and title) on this player? Now days many players are omitting my favorite REMAINING time feature :frowning:


I thought so:

Thomson must have sold their name to Funai like basically every Thomson product :frowning:


Dayum, MWPollard, you went bananas for those Screaming Monkeys with Woot Capes! Your boss must be nicer than mine.


USB 2.0 Slim External DVD ROM CD-RW Combo Drive Writer


I just bought 2 and Woot charged me sales tax 3 extra bucks WTF


I bought one of these from Woot just after Christmas for a couple of bucks more.

There is a region change hack, but since the remote doesn’t have a Zero key you can’t make it truly region free unless you find another remote that it recognizes.

Open the disc tray.
With the remote,
Enter 9, 9, 9, 9, (nothing appears on the screen)
Enter the region you want (appears at the top in a blue line).
Close the disc tray.

Change it back to play Region 1 DVD’s again.

Also, although it’s not stated on the box or in the manual, this player DOES play true SVCD discs and DOES play /most/ Divx/Xvid/Avi discs. It gags on some non-standard resolutions, but played 95% of the files I threw at it. It supports separate .srt subtitle files, and will play raw MPEG-2 files as well.

It defaults to the composite video output, so you have to connect a TV using composite before you can get into the menu and change it to S-Video or Component output. Then of course you have to change cables because the composite output is no longer active.

I’m happy with mine, thinking about getting a second for the bedroom.


I agree. My no name crap DVD play I bought in May 2004 lasted for years, still works if you don’t play it too much. haha

The philips one I have works, but it’s noisy as hell at time.


Probably because there are no DVDs in HD.


No HDMI - No deal.


Early 80s, not 90s. But oops…I meant to say that it was a VCR, not even a DVD player.
Bought it from QVC. It was one of the “newer” stereo ones, but other than that, just a plain VHS tape recorder/player. Yep, $400.


I received mine only a couple of days after ordering so kudos to Woot for that.

However, mine has an annoying problem… it refuses to stay shut off (or in standby mode). After a few minutes, it just turns on all by itself! If I happen to leave a DVD inside, it just fires right up and starts playing. It happened randomly about six times in the last two hours.

The unit came with a warranty card and there is an 800 number printed on the card. However, the woman from India told me that Proscan does not support this model. She said that I would need to take this up “with the store where I purchased it”.

I argued with her… how can you shove a warranty card into your box that contains a phone number to a place that does not support the product? What the hell is the sense in that?

Next stop… Woot customer support.


Woot got back to me today, a Sunday, and kept me satisfied! Thank-you Woot!


What happened with your situation?

Mine is flaky and the woman at the 800 for Proscan said they do not provide any warranty support whatsoever for this model, despite a 90-day warranty card in the box which contained that model number and phone number.

After emailing Woot support, they took care of me.