Proscan Tablets

No scanner included on the tablet. Disappointing.

Pretty sure these are all single core, other sites list them as single core.

And no Bluetooth. I know, they’re under $50, you need to keep your expectations reasonable. But still, it’s disappointing.

This is perfect for people that don’t need much out of a tablet.

Newegg has a 7" SERO 7 Lite refurb for $45 shipped. There was a rebate. Quad core. Grand Kids love’em.

Much better deal than this.

Would like to see that deal. Looked all over for a SERO Quad core and cheapest I saw was $89. Have a link?

I found this one at $39.99 shipped. (Factoring in the Rebate)

To bad no bluetooth. I’d like to get one of these for my spinning bike to track heart rate and other related physical activities. But, bluetooth is necessary for the sensor/app tracking.

I had a Proscan 10" and while it was decent build and fairly fast, the wifi was absolute trash! Any farther away than 10-15 feet or so from the router and there was zero coverage. Can’t speak for these, but fair warning

Which ARMs are generally 3 core??

I have the same issue with WIFI