Proslat 32-Sq. Ft. Slatwall Organizer & 10-Piece Hook Kit

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Proslat 32-Sq. Ft. Slatwall Organizer & 10-Piece Hook Kit
Price: $124.99
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I don’t understand, why get this, $125, 130 with shipping. Or I can get a nice finished piece of plywood, nails/screws or something to hang things on for what maybe $30, maybe $40. (really don’t know just guessing on the price) but I know its still a lot cheaper then buying this.

Why is woot trying to invoke Eminem tonight?

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He’s out there somewhere tonight…needing an organizer and hook kit…

+1, I covered an entire wall in my garage with a nice designer laminate and used plant hooks as the hangers. The entire cost for the entire wall was under $100.

Meg from Proslat here. Need to organize your garage? This deal has everything you need to get started!! Happy to answer questions you have.

Can you wooters who have used plywood/peg board/other construction please post with pictures your alternate organizer solutions? I’m realllly curious to see.

I just added some slat wall to my garage. Not this product, but slatted melamine. Looks great, holds a ton of stuff, and costs about 1/3 of this. There is a large variety of hangers at the big box. With the melamine, I was also able to rip in 2 pieces, length wise, and double my coverage. This worked well since I am using it for bulky items (shovels, brooms, etc.) and keep the smaller stuff on pegboard.

So…yes, I love slat board for some uses…and no, this seems to be pretty expensive, comparatively.

Pictures are a pain on woot, but all I did was screw 2x4s into studs, then put screws through pegboard (4’x4’ sections are pretty cheap) and into those 2x4s. Then you just get organization hooks and put stuff up however you want it to be. Downside to my method is you won’t be able to use the holes that are blocked by the 2x4s, but you can hang larger things around it to still use the space pretty efficiently.
I still wouldn’t hang a sledghammer or shovel from mine because it would be a waste of space; but I imagine you could cut them into 1’x4’ boards, hang them 5’ off the ground and it would work fine.

I’m sure as functional goes that’s great, but not sure about how it looks which is why I was curious on how it looks.

I’m on the fence with this one.

Hi all-
Sure you can use plywood. We admit it’s cheap. Melamine is less expensive too.

Our product is 90% recycled content. You can hose it down. It doesn’t warp or disintegrate in humid environments. Our panels also support up to 75 lbs per square foot.

We admit that we are more expensive than plywood. But nothing else looks as good AND is as durable. We are GUARANTEED FOR LIFE!

Peg board and many other solutions may be cheaper but they may not hold as much weight or be as versatile as Proslat. Proslat has many other accessories available on the big mothership Amazon.

Proslat also looks good enough to be used inside your home (no visible screws like many other systems). You can see many other accessories and closet uses through Proslat’s sister company Evolia

How easy would this be to install onto a stucco garage wall?

Pretty easy. You just install 1x3’s every 12" if you want the full weight bearing capacity and install to that.