Proslat 8' Garage Wall Kit with 20 Hooks

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Proslat 8’ Garage Wall Kit with 20 Hooks
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7/14/2013 - $139.99 - Click To See Discussion (26 comments)

Pretty good reviews (4.0 out of 5.0) on the Slat wall over at amazon and A single perfect review on the hooks over at

4.6 Stars on the Slatwall over at Home Depot

I just put up 4 of these in my garage this last week. They are really nice. I had some pegboard but this is so much cleaner looking as well as much stronger. The versatility of it is great too. You can put up bins or shelves in addition to the hooks. I had bought 2 of these the last time they were on woot and then bought 2 more to go with them from the Mothership. Paid quite a bit more than this with all the hooks. This is a good deal!

Edit: Also, the tip to use with the screws they send is a square tip S4. Don’t try to use a Phillips.

I got some from the last Woot offer and they’re good. The key is be sure to use enough screws in the proper places. This may mean a combination of using the included screws into studs AND other drywall anchors (that you supply). I had to put a set of the drywall anchors in with mine because the end of the slats didn’t come close enough to a nearby stud.

The screws it came with worked fine with philips tip in my drill driver.

You may want to consider pre-driling the holes where you go through the slats, it’s a bit easier on the fingers that way. Otherwise the spin-up of their supplied screws is a bit problematic. You end up either nicking your fingers or the screw slips away from where you want it to bite. I kept a small drill bit in another cordless driver just for the purpose.

I don’t know that I’d consider these a direct replacement of peg board. At least not if you want to hang a lot of small hand tools. Peg board is much better for that. These are great for storing larger tools and supplies.

Hi all- I’m here if you have any questions for me!

My garage has cinderblock walls. Does this kit include the fasteners I would need to install this?

Does the kit have installation instructions for my type of wall?

Hi Steve-
We recommend use of furring strips over cinderblock for best results. I can email you instructions or you can download from our website. PM me or email for more.

I bought a couple of sets in a past woot offering and I have been very happy with the product. Also Woot sells the accessories such as the shelves, baskets and additional hooks somewhat frequently.

I wound up buying three sets of the white ProSlat walls and one set of the charcoal and wound up configuring it as five 8x6 areas on the wall. I decided to put a charcoal (dark grey) accent strip down the center to give it a little more character. The product installs like vinyl siding where each piece slides down and locks into the piece below it. This allows you a little flexibility where you are not locked into installing it as one 8x4 piece on the wall.

Here is a picture from when I was first installing it:

I apologize that I do not have a recent picture with everything hung on the wall.

I would highly recommend the product. I have had it installed for almost a year now and I am still very happy with it. I actually just purchased more shelves and hooks in the last plus sale that was posted as well.

Too bad there’s no “like” button on Woot!! Great work, Woozy99!! Thanks for sharing :slight_smile:

Would I be able to use this with varied Stud distance?

I have a toolshed that has 12" and 18" between the studs (no drywall).

Also, I am assuming this is 8’w x 4’h, is that correct?

Will regular slatwall hooks work with this system?

You most certainly can-it’s actually 10 panels that assemble like vinyl siding, rather than a solid sheet. When installed (as suggested) it is indeed 4x8’. You can configure however you wish though.

Am a bit of a luddite, but will see if I can figure out how to embed a video link to our installation video if Woot doesn’t already have it posted.

Apologies, but I can’t give you a definitive answer on this one. Our panels work with MOST generic slatwall AND peg hooks.

The short answer is that if your slatwall hook has a return (or lock) on the bottom that is engineered for a 3" panel then no. Our panels are 4 3/4" on center channel & our hooks are engineered specifically for our panels (so won’t work with other slatwall) to yield maximum weight bearing capacity. 75 lbs/linear foot/panel!!

If I needed the proslat to be 6 x 4, I suppose I could just remove some of the panels and cut the frame to fit the smaller size?