Proslat 8' Garage Wall Kit with 20 Hooks

Pretty good reviews (4.4 out of 5.0) on the Slat wall over at amazon

A single perfect review on the hooks over at

Here is the product page for the panel ($109.33)
Here is the product page for some extra hooks ($38.02)

I think 20 nails would be cheaper

Meg from Proslat here in case anyone has any questions or random thoughts you want to throw my way.

Interesting, a 4x8 panel. Several years ago, I installed slat wall from a different mfr in my downstairs garage, and it came in 15 inch x 8 foot “boards”. Seems like full sheets would be harder to extrude and ship, more difficult to install without help, and not as flexible to install around obstacles. But, if you have a 4x8 open space for this thing, this is a pretty good deal, about half the price of other stuff I’ve seen, especially with $5 shipping! I’m thinking of getting some for my upstairs garage!

It looks like it’s going to cost me about $5 a tool to mount. No thanks, there are much cheaper methods out there. That 4 x 8 sheet is going to be a lot of wasted space vs going with a single rail setup like the Fast Track, ShelfTrack, or even the rubbermaid shelf storage system.

If only I could cover my entire garage with this stuff and have “unlimited” hooks…

But not at $140 per 4x8, sadly…

Pegboard is around $18.00 a 4x8 sheet at several hdwe stores.

I have pegboard in my garage in Florida. While inexpensive, it’s only lasted a few years before the heat and humidity have made it weak. Some of my peg hooks with heavier items have started falling out. I’m looking for a good alternative now that will last more than a few years, and I think this may be it.

Just be aware that the Amazon listing shows the 88102 “panel” comes in 10 pieces/boards that are put together to make the single panel.

They also have pictures where the boards are staggered, so it seems it doesn’t have to go together as one big piece.

I thought it was a single piece too until I read someone else’s link here. Woot’s description doesn’t mention the breakdown of the panel. Even Amazon’s doesn’t mention if all the 10 “board” pieces are the same or what seems to be also 3 border pieces in one of the pictures.

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It’s actually 10 panels-each 8’ long& about 5" high, not a solid 4x8’ sheet. They install much like vinyl siding. You can watch the install video here:

You can install them in what ever configuration makes you happy…

That’s one of the great advantages of our product-heat & humidity don’t affect durability. Not to take anything away from pegboard-it’s a super inexpensive solution, but doesn’t a) have the same weight capacity b) not water/moisture resistant … I could go on & on

I was excited when I saw the assortment of tools on the small picture on the sidebar. Total letdown when I actually clicked the link. Sad panda :frowning:

Not saying our product is for everyone. If you’re happy with a static track system, then great! Our product offers the opportunity to cover a wall or section thereof, mount your hooks wherever you choose and move them as often as you like. Proslat storage solutions are durable, green (90% recycled content!) and offer more options at a better price per square foot than any other system in the market.

Thanks for jumping in there, mrln! I got interrupted mid-post…

A 4x8 sheet of slatwall costs $65-75 at a retail supply store (i.e. a store for store supplies). I got a ton of hooks for next to nothing at another store closing. The cool thing with standard slatwall is the huge variety of accessories that are compatible with it, such as baskets.

Indeed, slatwall is great for organization, which is why we improved upon it!