Proslat 8' Garage Wall Kit with 20 Hooks

I have 4x8 pegboard in my garage that’s been there for twenty plus years and it’s still fine. If it starts to fall apart I’ll buy another sheet for $18 and it will be there after I’m gone.

Ordered 1 to organize a corner of my garage including shovels, rakes and truck accessories. We’ll see how it goes.

Your improvements would include the greater degree for removing the hooks? (looks like yours are angled more where as others are just standard 90°) What else is improved?

Aha, that makes more sense … didn’t see that here or on mfr site, so I guess I didn’t dig deep enough. Thanks for the clarification.

I’ve used pegboard also, and I prefer slat wall for garages, even for the extra cost … better functionality and much better looks. For hanging tools over the workbench, though, it’s tough to beat pegboard.

I’m chewing this over in my mind. Are the slats compatible with the retail hooks, baskets, etc that are out there for store displays?

Compatible with MOST other slatwall/peg hooks. Just need to keep in mind that we are 4 3/4" on center, so 3" on center hooks that have bottom clips don’t work with Proslat.

weight capacity, water resistant, impact resistant, etc. Check out the website for installation instructions & other features & benefits…

Do the slats paint ok? White is sort of hospital-ish.