Proslat Garage Organization

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Proslat Garage Organization
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$1000 would buy an awful lot of pegboard.

check out a few helpful tips

personally I’d stick with the gladiator garageworks products for a garage space or utility space. The proslat products offer some interesting storage opportunities for closets, play rooms, and retail spaces though.

Key word is awful. As in awful looking.

ok, so spend $1000 on something thats going to get covered up by tools.


Peg board can be painted. It does not look designer but can tweaked to better. It is a garage with tools and misc all over the place being thrown.

I do admit for people with McMansions these are great additions to the 3 car garage.

What I don’t understand is the pictures show a wall that doesn’t look organized. Everything just looks thrown on and messy. I’ve got the space and would love to get more organized but I can’t see how hanging things on the wall (versus the shelf units and cabinets I have) is an improvement.

Meg from Proslat here.

Proslat Advantage #1:
Will hold up to 75 lbs./sq ft.

#2: Our panels are 90% Recycled PVC, rugged, waterproof, easy to install & maintain. And our hooks are super heavy duty.

#3: Versatile: Versus track based wall storage systems we offer WAY more options. And the freedom to move your stuff around whenever you want.

Name is one letter away from being “ProSlut.”

Can you elaborate as to why? I have some Gladiator boxes and they are very nice, but I believe that the Gladiator panels are proprietary, unlike ProSlat. Please correct me if I’m wrong because I’m about to spend a grand on this thing.

Though it’s a bit more work, this is way more configurable and a lot cheaper. Requires the right tools and skills:

(website appears down right now)

I bought the proslat system through woot a while ago. We made the mistake of buying a quantity of 2. If you have a standard 2 car garage than you may find it tough to get 2 units next to each other if there are stairs, bum outs/ins or anything like that.

Highly recommend having 2 people for installation it make it easier. The bottom J-lat is the toughest part to keep level. It was a lot of work to get it up buy it does look nice (we have a the charcoal paneling on a wall that is painted light grey).

One other thing, you can mount these in 4 feet by 8 feet or 8 x 8 just make sure you have enough wall space. also, if you are going to start close to the floor in the garage, verify that the studs go all the way to down. My brother and I found out that because the garage was lower than the room on the other side of the wall the studs on the bottom 2 feet or so were in a different position.

FYI - there are 10 panel pieces for each 4 x 8 section. with 16 inch separation on studs that is 7 screws per piece for a total of 77 screws (this is what allows the paneling to hold 75lbs per sq ft).

The peeps here that are buying the complete kits, I need some money sent to me. I’ll pay you back on Friday.

$1000 for wall storage, CRAZY CRAZY CRAZY

What some people pay for shoes is CRAZIER CRAZIER CRAZIER. :slight_smile: Its all relative…don’t be a hater and don’t judge. :stuck_out_tongue:

Why paint it if you don’t have to? You can buy pegboard in white, gray or black for only one dollar more per 4’X8’ sheet.

Regarding people with “McMansions.” Do you actually believe that people here on woot who buy this stuff own McMansions with 3 car garages? Think again!