Proslat Garage Organization

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Proslat Garage Organization
Price: $274.99
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I highly recommend the proslat organization kits.

I purchased 2 proslat bundles a year ago (from another online big box store here in Canada) after seeing my neighbour have them installed in his garage. (since then at least 4-5 ppl in my townhouse complex have installed them)

It’s pretty easy to put up (for someone not too handy) once you get the hang of it - at first I put up my first few panels incorrectly (the panels should partially overlap the one below it) and had to redo them.

The biggest issue was finding studs in the wall (mine had some 24 inches apart instead of standard 16 inches). Now I have Proslat panels set up on both walls of my garage and have bought extra bins/hooks.

Again they should be screwed into studs for maximal strength (I am able to hang a bike/ladder and my neighbour has a tire rack with 4 winter tires/rims hanging on his).

In canada there is another home depot type store that carries their “own masterbrand” of bins/hooks that are compatible (slightly lower quality, but sufficient for cheaper hooks).

Does this package come with the j channels, the bottom and side molding? Also, does it come with screws or do you have buy those separately?

When I bought it a year or so ago, it came with all of that, although I ended up using my own screws.

Any idea on how this would work with a cinderblock wall? seems like it might not be solid enough to stand up to it.

This is a really good deal. I have been purchasing the Proslat in increments at BB&B with their 20% off coupons. But this deal even beats that, which is hard to do. We have hung 2 4x8 wall panels and have an assortment of the plastic bins, wire baskets and shelves and all of the hooks. It is all holding up exceptionally well, no sagging, extremely durable. I highly recommend the Proslat, but even moreso, this deal!

It does indeed! Should say in the description, but all necessary J & L trims are in the box & screws will be in a bag taped to one end of the box. Instruction (pdf & video) are available on our website!

Hey howdy ho! Meg from Proslat here wishing you all a HAPPY Monday! I’m beavering away here in the office (that’s what we Canadians do) but will be checking in on forum periodically to answer any questions you may have.

What other accessories are available, i.e., hooks that would hold 3 or 4 mulch pitchforks and other hook options that would hold string trimmers such as Stihl and Husqvarna trimmers? Where can additionals accessories be purchased in the US of A? Thanks, Keith

Hang tight Keith! There just may be another Woot in the next couple weeks. Take a look at our website to get an idea of what sort of hook/rack/bin/basket best suits your needs and then inbox me and I should be able to give you more info on timing…and where to find it for best price :wink: Which is always Woot, btw.

I plan on buying into the Proslat ecosystem this Black Friday. Does Woot have a good deal? Yes. BUT, Costco is having an even better deal on the Proslat system for Black Friday. $130 for 32 sq. ft. plus a 20 piece hook kit. If you aren’t a Costco member you get charged an extra 5%. But, that only comes to an extra $6.50. So, for approx. $275 you get the same size kit that Woot is offering PLUS 40 hook pieces instead of the 25 piece kit that Woot offers.

Just saying …

The learning curve on these things is high and the directions lack a lot of instructions. That’s probably because there are many different ways you could implement these panels.

i wrote up a little review with pictures here

Good Stuff. I would rather buy it from Costco and have the option to return. Only problem is including the taxes.

Pointing out that Costco’s price on the same item today is $349. The Black Friday deal doesn’t include the shelves & baskets.

True @megproslat, but I was referring to the Black Friday price at Costco.

Any thoughts on when the baskets and shelves may be on sale? Possibly through Woot?

Yeah but by the time you have run to Costco and looked at it then thought it over, the deal is gone. So might as well just get it at Costco and save yourself the hassle. Plus, that way you would have it when you needed it rather than when Woot gets around to sending it to you.

If only it had a hanger for a Belkin Duo Tri-Fold Folio…