Proslat Garage Organization

Hi all…Meg from Proslat here in case you have any questions, comments or cookies you want to send my way.

I DO have a question. Are these compatible with the hardware common to merchandise displays? The ProSlat organizer boards look remarkably similar to the ones I have installed in my work area, but mine are particle board with aluminum extrusions for the ‘tracks’. I need more hanging hardware for these, but can’t find anything for a reasonable price like what’s advertised here (I know what I have is from some common merchandise display hardware, but I’m having trouble finding stuff that’s really compatible).

thanks for dropping in!

What makes your product better than other companies that sell basically the same thing?

Typically, yes, however I can’t 100% guarantee that our hooks will work with your walls. Depends on the depth of the extrusion. Would hate to say yes and then it doesn’t work. If a standard peg hook works then we should be good to go.

  1. infinite number of storage options
  2. easy install
  3. comparable cost/sqft to interior finishes (such as drywall/plywood/mdf) and more durable/easier to clean
  4. GREEN!!! 90% post industrial recycled content
  5. durable & robust…

there’s probably more that I’m forgetting. Don’t tell MAB (My Awesome Boss)…it’s getting late here. If you have a specific question, feel free to fire it back at me.

I have just been reliably informed by MAB that our hooks do NOT work in the aluminum inserts. Sorry for any miscommunications.

I bought these last time when it they were offering a bundle of the 8X4 panels with the hook kit for $139 (which is a better deal than today). Bought two of them, and found they went up very easily (3-4 hrs each for one person working alone starting from a closed box to finished), look good, and work tremendously well. A few notes:

  1. The included screws are not the hardest steel. Even with pilot holes the heads tended to strip out when driving them into the studs. The second kit was missing the screws (!), so I bought a box of machine screws (100 for $10) to hang the second one which were MUCH stronger and easier to install.
  2. It’s not clear how to install the top trim in the kit. I just used double-sided foam tape to attach it to the top of the kit.
  3. The measurement to cut the side trims in the instructions is off by 1/2" leading to uneven side trim if you follow them exactly. Make sure to measure the pieces and cut appropriately from your own measurements.
  4. The hook kit comes with a gigantic number of hooks with great utility. Compared to other sets out there, the hook kit is a solid deal.

Overall I’m very pleased with the clean look and great storage capacity these provided in my garage and would definitely repeat. Actually tempted to buy a third for the last patch of empty wall in the garage…

Meg we have a vinyl storage shed. Will these hooks work on the inside?

Meg, Why don’t you offer the ultimate garage bundle with grey panels instead of the white one? I for one would definitely buy if they were grey.

Meg, do your Proslat walls work with the gladiator products? I moved and have some of the hooks and such from whirlpool gladiator but I am in need of the wall!


Meg, I was thinking about using some kind of product like this in a kitchen to hang pots and pans. Do you think this would be well suited for such a need?


Do these accessories work with garagetek walls.

Meg - I too would order the Proslat 33009 Ultimate Garage Bundle if it came in grey

Hi Meg,
Do you guys have any info on hanging these on concrete block walls? Is that even possible?


I just want to make sure I’m reading these deals correctly, so please clarify for me. The wording is not clear.

Looking on Proslat’s website, it looks as if a single 4’x8’ (32 sq.ft.) area might be constructed of “10 heavy-duty solid PVC wall panels.” It says "covers a 48-inch x 96-inch section, so I’m assuming that means total, and not for each of the 10 panels.

I’m really hopeful that in the $110 kits, there are ten 4’x8’ panels to cover a total of 320 sq.ft. and in the Ultimate kit, there are twenty 4’x8’ panels for a total of 640 sq.ft.

Hi Solo- Yes, we do have info on mounting to concrete-you need to use furring strips (1x3’s). If the most recent set of install instructions isn’t yet live on our website, it should be soon and it includes that level of detail. Keeping in mind that you want to mount these 16" on center…

Correct on the first point, not so much the second. If you have an ingenious way to cover 320 sq ft in anything for $110, let us know what you’re using :wink:

Hi there-
I’m delighted to hear you would like the ultimate in grey. Our sales data tells us that white is always our “best seller” - presumably because most folks have garages with either no or small windows, so want to keep the space light.

We are certainly happy to offer the Ultimate in Charcoal. Let me circle back with the authorities at Woot and see what we can do for you. Failing all else, keep your eyes open for future events. Cheers,