Proslat Garage Organization

The silent woot.
Was looking at this the past two times. Almost got serious about it last time
Nothing new price wise and seems no standard slatwall pieces can fit into it. Leaning towards another pass.

Anyone with good/bad/indifferent experiences?

Hey cruiseliner,

Read some ancient history:

I’ve seen this question asked during previous discussions, but I never saw an answer. I also have not been able to find an answer elsewhere.

Do Proslat accessories fit Gladiator Gearwall?

I bought a few of these walls a couple of months ago. I still have not installed them (none of the local big hardware stores carry the correct screws to put them in the wall)

The Proslat hooks fit into the wall via the top tab on the hook that slides into the wall. I am not 100% sure but it looks like the gladiator hooks run into a channel on the top and bottom.

My best guess is that they would not fit the gladiator wall. I could be wrong, but no one else has answerd the question so I figured I would chime in.

Proslat will not fit Gladiator nor vice versa. All of these systems are exclusively proprietary. The companies want you to buy their brand and their brand only so they design them to only fit with their products. Gladiator hooks/accessories use a completely differnt set up so they are not compatable. This system, as priced on Woot, is much cheaper than Gladitor (approx $3.45 per square foot of wallspace versus $5.90 for Gladiator). The trade off is less availability of the accessories. You have to buy the accessories from the web (Amazon or Proslat website) insead of at HD or Lowes where you can acually see what you are buying.

The best part about this vs Gladiator, though, is that Slat Wall is actually very similar to the slat walls that retail stores use. Hooks are easy to come by. Same with shelving, really. I bought this last time it was up and have it installed – love it. My only complain so far has been finding bins for it. So I ordered another set this time around!

That said, there’s something to also be said with how easily available the Gladiator stuff is as well.

I bought these on two separate woots a few months ago and installed.

Overall I’m pretty happy. They are very sturdy.
First set did not come with the screws and they were hard to find, but I did.
Second time I bought they came with the screws and it was easier to install.

They are less expensive than some of the competition. Gladiator, Rubbermaid, kobalt, etc do not work and same thing the other way. I have heard that regular wallslat hooks work, but have not confirmed. blue Hawk brand (lowes) does not.

Hooks are nice, but I like the bins even better, because you can throw stuff in them and see what’s there. As with all full wall systems, it’s easy to reconfigure items and your needs change.

Finding more of these off woot is not as easy as gladiator (have to get them online). A couple more online stores have added these during my period of ownership.

Augh! I can’t believe I’m an hour and a half late to get this! Got two sets in previous woots & need more.