Proslat Organization

Good thing it was ‘Proslat’ and not ‘Prostate’ like I originally read it as.

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Idk about this stuff
Pegboard at .98 sq/ft works for me

LOL - my EXACT thought! I actually came to post “who needs a prostate organizer?”, but you beat me to it!

agreed. I can’t see this stuff being that much better.

I read ‘Pros1ut Organization’ and thought to myself “Thank God! Woot has finally gotten involved in discount prostitution!”

Now there’s a Woot site I could really get in to.


Wouldn’t pegboard have problems with moisture?

That said, Woot has also sold the Wall Control steel slotted pegboards:

What advantage does Proslat have over that? Maybe cost per square foot?

I hesitated to say anything until I got my order placed.

I have been researching slatwall solutions for several months and have come to the conclusion that this may be the best product for the price. The fact that it’s so much cheaper than Amazon or even Home Depot is very compelling. AND you can’t beat $5 shipping. When I priced a similar order (six 4x8 sets with accessories) from the manufacturer’s site, the shipping was over $500! I figure I saved at least $1500 going through Woot today. NICE!!!

I like the nearly indestructible nature of the material, it’s water proof, that it comes in white (and never needs painting), that re-positioning hooks/etc. is VERY easy, that the mounting screws are concealed in the design, and that it is MUCH stronger than traditional masonite peg board at 75 pounds per linear foot (if you use peg board you want to go with metal or if masonite then as thick as you can get it if there’s even a hint that you may want to hang heavy stuff on it). Peg board may need painting depending upon the lots in which you buy different pieces. Don’t get me wrong, I like peg board and may install a bit in my new garage but I am looking at hanging up bikes and scooters and maybe a few other things that are a bit heavier than what I’d put on a peg board (5 lb hammer at the heaviest). My two cents.

Proslat advantages:

  1. 90% recycled content
  2. Value/square foot: less than $4/square foot in versatile, functional storage and way better looking than a sheet of plywood with some nails
  3. Rugged & durable-see our hammer test video here:
  4. Not affected by moisture/humidity. Hose it down if you want to clean it…try that with pegboard or plywood and see what happens.
  5. Wide variety of hooks/accessories to store anything you like. Use throughout your home, shop or wherever you like.

I’ve been comparing this to Flow Wall for some time now, as I really want a slat-wall solution but can’t decide which one.

There are just 2 benefits that Flow Wall has that is keeping me from jumping on Proslat:

  1. Flow! It seems with Proslat you have to apply the borders on the left and right sides, although you can build upwards infinitely. (This is actually an nice benefit going from down to top because it allows expandability)

I would like to start with a small section and then add on to it left-to-right, without the borders. This also makes it easier to slide things across, like cabinets.

  1. Cabinets. Flow Wall has some pretty awesome cabinets in all sorts of shapes and sizes.

I will say the following are the things I like about Proslat:

  1. As mentioned before, being built from bottom to top is great, since I would like to add “near ceiling” shelves in my garage but definitely need to start floor level.

  2. Hidden screws, this is an awesome benefit that Slat Wall doesn’t have.

  3. Big work bench! The one offered by Proslat is a pretty good size.

  4. Compatibility - my short research shows Proslat might be compatible with about any other slat-wall product that isn’t proprietary, so I might be able to grab the cabinets from Flow Wall - I’m not sure on Flow Wall’s part though.

  5. The tire rack. I really want that thing.

I just put up a few walls of MDF Slatwall in my garage. I already have a wall of pegboard. The MDF is strong, but this PVC-based slatwall is stronger still. You’re not gonna hang a bicycle on standard pegboard, but this stuff will hold it no problem.

This is a really good price (Looks like the same kit is $249 at HD), and I think I’m going to pull the trigger on three of these for my other wall.

Yikes! I didn’t even notice that - So there’s no way to remove the borders on the sides of the panels? That’s really a show-stopper for me as I have an 8x8 wall that I was planning to mount these on. But if there’s going to be a block in between the panels stopping me from sliding stuff sideways, it really doesn’t work for my needs. That’s a real shame.

No worries on your 8x8 wall. The lengths are 8’ so you’re good. We include the trims in the pack for a number of reasons (cleaner aesthetically, to allow for changes due to heat so the material has a bit of room to flex, and some folks just want to do a small section of a wall and need a way to finish it).
If you’re interested, I have an image of all 3 colour panels that we manufacture installed without J trims - staggered, much like you would a laminate floor, which is kinda cool. email me at if you want and I’ll send it your way!

Anyone know if these hooks work with the Sears GearWall product?

OK, let’s count the brackets that come with this one.

One place the text says 4 brackets and in another (the photo) it shows 6 brackets (3 on each shelf).

Could we get this explained?


Apologies if there is a copy error. 4 brackets with the 24", 6 with the 48"

Likely not. Proslat panels are 4 3/4" channel on center. Our hooks are engineered to distribute weight through our panels for max weight bearing capacity. Most slatwall is 3" on center. Traditional slatwall and peg hooks (without a bottom return) will work on our panels but we make no claims with regard to weightload.