Proslat Storage Racks

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Proslat Storage Racks
Price: $69.99 - 249.99
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We all accumulate a lot of “stuff” and with that comes the universal problem of…where do we store it all? While trying to solve this problem, I walked into my very messy garage and realized that this is a really big space. If I could only utilize all the VOLUME, my storage problems would be more manageable. Next time you go into your garage, LOOK UP…that’s where the answer is.

The ceilings in your house are 8 ft. tall, but the ceilings in your garage are much taller. My garage ceilings are eleven feet tall, which represents more than 1,700 cu. ft. of space that I was wasting. Some homes have even taller garages.

So I built shelving suspended from the ceiling joists which are 3’ tall and 4’ deep and positioned on the ceiling so that there is an 18" wide isle between each set of shelves which allows me to pick what I need with a small step ladder and then replace it. I even ultilized that huge space over the garage doors.

It took a lot of effort to build and weld these shelves up, but you don’t have to do that. You can use the storage racks available here today and be way ahead of the game. I wish I had these racks available to me when I made that change. So, I hope the seeds which I’ve planted here helps you as it has certainly helped me.

You would need to buy slatwall to use this with right?

All I need is a rack to store my racks…is THAT to much to ask for Woot?

I wondered about these too. From the Proslat website:

“Both racks were designed to be hung from a Proslat wall panel or mounted to an existing wall.”

Why is it cheaper to buy an 8 foot and a 4 foot which equals 12 feet, then just buying the 12 foot one?

Racks on racks on racks?

If the 12’ is in 3 pieces, does it come with hardware to hang each piece separately?



4’ is heavy duty…8’ and 12’ are just storage racks??? (specs)

Hi all-
Meg from Proslat here. You can use our racks with Proslat wall systems or mount direct to studs or over drywall. If you would like to mount your rack into our wall panel systems, we will send you the free panel mount bracket - just send us an email with your order number to or give us a call at 888.691.2944.

Happy to answer any other questions you may have as well! Happy wooting!!

[quote postid=“6021675” user=“suebob4001” 4’ is heavy duty…8’ and 12’ are just storage racks??? (specs)[/quote]

]To answer your question – 8’ & 12’ are extension units to the 4’-constructed of the same heavy duty materials! 800 lb. weight capacity if mounted to studs, 350 lbs. if used with Proslat wall panels (when panels are installed properly-to studs every 16")

Thanks for dropping by today! We’re always happy to have a rep hangin’ around in the thread. :slight_smile:

Are slats on “pegboard systems” normally the same size? I have pegboard installed in the garage already (not Proslat) and have interest in the item, just not sure if slats would be the same size between Proslat and a generic pegboard. Current slats are 2 5/8". Thanks.

So I ordered two of these. So far, only 1.5 of them has arrived. The 4th package is MIA with FedEx unable to find it. Of the 3 packages that DID arrive, 2 were damaged and missing parts. Reached out to Woot, who says it’s ProSlat’s responsibility to address this through warranty. Reached out to ProSlat through e-mail and by phone, so far with no response.

Definitely not a good experience so far.

Do you have pictures of what your setup looks like? Would be good to see a visual point of reference. I have a really high ceiling and am looking for a way to utilize it.